Minutes for April 2, 2009 Meeting

Rose Barbalace, John Brennan (recorder), Harry Glazer, Jean Madden, Françoise Puniello, Daphne Roberts, Darryl Voorhees, Mark Winston (guest).
Ka-Neng Au, Jeris Cassel, Fernanda Perrone, Michele Tokar, Tao Yang.

The meeting was held in the Special Collections Room of the Dana Library in Newark. It began at 1:05 p.m.

1) Rutgers Day Report – Rose & Darryl

  1. A budget for the Libraries activities on Rutgers Day was approved. Giveaways have been ordered (tote bags, frisbees, temporary tattoos, mood pens). Additionally, bookmarks and brochures will be available for handout. The team thanked Marianne Gaunt and Françoise Puniello for providing funding.
  2. A Scavenger Hunt is being planned for children. Participating children will get a passbook which will get stamped when they visit specified destinations throughout the library. Children who present passbooks with all the stamps will receive a gift bag.
  3. Information display boards will be at both the Alexander Library and Art Library tents. The content is still to be determined, but the intent is to showcase the libraries’ services and value to the community.
  4. Three library events are being showcased in the statewide Rutgers Day promotion. They are: Author’s Series, the Harrison A. Williams display sponsored by Special Collections, and Find Your Roots. The team thanked Rose and Darryl for their hard work and creativity which has led to the university recognizing and promoting these events.
  5. Presentation Services is producing a short video which showcases Alexander Library, but also talks about the libraries in the system. A demo of the video will be shown at the next Rutgers Day sub-committee meeting on April 7. The initial thought is that the video will be shown in a loop at Alexander Library, but this has not been finalized.
  6. Another call for volunteers from the libraries to assist on-site during Rutgers Day will be made. As of now three librarians and five staff have volunteered to lend a hand. Françoise will ensure another request is sent to rul_everyone.

2) Updates – Harry

  1. The feedback from the "No Brief Candle" discussions, which arose from the State of the Libraries, was significant. Several ideas which could be pursued by the Marketing/PR team were suggested.
  2. Jeris is working on a Summer Orientation Committee which may be looking for support from the Marketing Committee. This is still in the early stages.
  3. John mentioned that the Training and Learning Committee (TLC) is close to completing an all staff survey to identify where critical training and development needs exist with the libraries.

3) Ethnographic Research Project – Harry

  1. This research study about the Rutgers University Libraries' website (scheduled for April 1-21) was postponed, on the request of the university, to accommodate another survey of student views. Members of the Marketing/PR team (Au, Harry, Tao) developed creative marketing tools to promote the study and hope to be able to use them when the study is rescheduled.

4) Marketing/PR Team Objectives 09/10 – Rose

The team considered activities that would reflect the objectives in the Libraries multi-year marketing plan. Among the suggestions:

  1. Create a monthly digest of what’s been posted and send it to rul_everyone.
  2. Offer training on how to better navigate the RUL website. John said this will be included as an option on the TLC survey.
  3. Revisit the Faculty Services portion of the website and recommend a section which focuses specifically on new faculty. Harry will review this for further discussion at a future meeting.
  4. Hold public events (such as exhibition openings) geared towards specific academic departments, to further strengthen the bonds between the library and faculty.
  5. Seek to organize librarian presentations on helpful research tools & tips to student groups at Rutgers, as a form of outreach

5) Metrics – Harry

  1. Harry, John and Daphne will meet with Jeanne Boyle to develop metrics for the 09/10 goals discussed above.

6) Miscellaneous – Harry

  1. The team reviewed the “snapshot” of the library which was done in February. This included various statistics on people visiting the buildings, book circulation, meeting room use, bibliographic instruction and other topics. A brainstorming discussion followed on how to use these stats from a marketing perspective. Among the potential uses suggested were: displaying them at Rutgers Day, using them in Development efforts, using them during recruitment, and using them to validate the “The place to go when you need to know” slogan.

7) Discussion with Mark Winston, Assistant Chancellor of the Rutgers-Newark campus and Director of the John Cotton Dana Library. – Mark Winston

  1. Mark discussed some of the unique challenges and opportunities at the Newark campus in general and the Dana Library in particular. He also gave the team a tour of the library.

8) Next meeting

Thursday, May 7, 2009, 2:30 p.m. at Alexander Library and via video conference.

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