Minutes for May 7, 2009 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, John Brennan, Rose Barbalace, Harry Glazer (recorder), Jean Madden (by videoconference), Francoise Puniello, Daphne Roberts, Michele Tokar, Darryl Voorhees, Tao Yang.

I. Rutgers Day Report - Rose Barbalace

Rose stated that the Libraries presence at Rutgers Day went very well. Many families with kids, and prospective students with their parents, stopped by the Libraries' tables in front of Alexander Library and the Art Library. The scavenger hunt was particularly popular, with kids and adults. Many of the giveaways were well liked and few remain. Due to location, the table at the Art Library received more visitors (approximately 700) than the table at Alexander (approximately 200).

Looking ahead to next year, Rose suggests that we include more family friendly activities such as the scavenger hunt. She spoke with Special Collections already about putting up an exhibition chronicling the history of Rutgers football for Rutgers Day 2010.

A follow up and review meeting is planned by the Rutgers Day planning committee for later this month.

Suggestions from Marketing/PR team members including printing and distributing the video about Alexander Library at next year's Rutgers Day and adding open houses at Newark and Camden to the Marketing/PR team's annual plan as well.

II. Marketing/PR team objectives and measures for 2009/2010

John Brennan reported that the metrics subcommittee (John, Daphne, Harry, and Jeanne Boyle) met last month and developed measures of success for the team's proposed 2009/2010 objectives [see attached].

Comments from team members:

Objective # 1: Arrange presentations by librarians to student groups
Francoise suggested that Judy Gardner and Valeda Dent be consulted, as they may already attend meetings of the student government.

Objective # 3: Work with the Training and Learning Committee, to arrange for class(es) to be held on best uses of the Staff pages.
A discussion was held on whether or not the proposed classes should cover just the Staff pages or the entire website. The team agreed that the classes would predominantly address the Staff pages but include a brief overview of the entire site as well.

Objective # 5: Redirect promotion of one exhibition per year, to involve specific academic departments.
Ka Neng Au pointed out that the Dana Library already takes this approach and has had success with it; often the academic departments approach them. One example - the exhibition commemorating the 40th anniversary of the takeover of Conklin Hall, cosponsored with Dr. Clem Price's Center.
Michele Tokar stated that LSM took this approach a few years ago, cosponsoring an exhibition on the life of Dr. Selman Waxman with the Microbiology Department.
Jean Madden reported that the Robeson Library has similarly worked with specific departments to cosponsor exhibitions in the library and the partnerships were well regarded.

Harry suggested that in addition to the five new objectives for 2009/2010, the team's continued committee to Rutgers Day and implementing the Libraries' brand be reflected in the marketing plan we post on the Marketing website (within the Staff Resources webpages). The team agreed and added that these two continuing objectives should be included without measures of success, as they are much more difficult to quantify and do not fit the framework of the other objectives.

III. Change machine: Update - Darryl Voorhees

As a means of expanding on the Libraries' brand characteristic of 'friendly service,' the Marketing/Pr team suggested the acquisition of a change machine to aid patrons who approach service desks and request change. Darryl reported that he has determined, in conjunction with Michele Tokar, that two change machines should be acquired - one for Alexander Library and one for LSM. Marianne Gaunt has approved this suggestion graciously agreed to fund the acquisition of both machines.

Harry asked if there are other ways that the Marketing/PR team can explore how well the Libraries are maintaining the brand characteristic of 'friendly service' and whether or not the team should take initiative in this area. Francoise suggested that the team ask Jeanne Boyle to include a question about 'friendly service' in the survey she is planning to conduct in the Libraries in the fall semester. Francoise suggested further that Harry consult with Valeda Dent on this matter, since the practical effects of 'friendly service' will often be reflected in Research and Instruction activities.

IV. New Multi-Year Marketing Plan? - Harry

Harry asked the team if it was time to begin work on the Libraries new multi-year marketing plan, since the current three year plan was approved in the summer of 2005 (Note: it took a year to develop specific objectives, and measures of success , before the plan was implemented). The team agreed that it was sensible to begin work on the next multi-year marketing plan.

V. Summer activities - all

In the interests of conducting market research for the 2009/2010 marketing objectives, and to initiate the research that will inform the development of the new multi-year marketing plan, the team agreed to the following assignments:

For 2009/2010 objectives

For the development of the new multi-year marketing plan

VI. Next meeting

The next meeting of the Marketing/PR team will be held on Thursday June 4th. The agenda will focus on developing questions for Harry and Michele to use in consulting with counterparts at peer university libraries and further discussion on the process and activities the team will undertake to develop the new multi-year marketing plan.

VII. Team membership - Harry

Harry announced that four new members have volunteered or been recruited for the Marketing/PR team, staring in the fall - Tom Frusciano, Glenn Sandberg, Steph Mikitish, and Connie Wu.

Tao Yang suggested that the team recruit the new business librarian, Gene Springs, as well. Gene starts work in the Libraries in June. Tao offered to consult with Valeda Dent and seek her support of Gene's participation on the Marketing/PR team.

Darryl announced that due to anticipated staffing concerns in Imaging Services, he plans to step down from the Marketing/PR team. The other team members thanked Darryl for his service and told him he'd be missed.

Submitted by Harry Glazer
May 14, 2009


Marketing/PR team - Objectives for 2009-2010
With proposed measures of success


Arrange presentations by librarians to student groups, to spread awareness of Libraries services and resources.

Measures of Success


  1. Jeanne Boyle offered to pose a question on the RUL faculty list, to inquire if any librarians have links with students groups that can be tapped to fulfill this objective.
  2. The metrics subcommittee suggested that each presentation be informed by the following learning goals: promote understanding that librarians are approachable & knowledgeable, offer an overview of scholarly resources of value to specific disciplines or interests, and showcase ease of use of the RUL website.


Create monthly news digest for RUL_Everyone of recent news posted on our website, lesser noted developments of interest, etc.

Measures of Success

Survey responses indicate that Libraries personnel find the news digest helpful


  1. Conduct two brief surveys, one in November and another in March, to assess faculty and staff views on the newsletter; embed a link to the survey in the newsletter.
  2. Accompany the survey with a random sample of interviews of librarians and staff


Work with the Training and Learning Committee, to arrange for class(es) to be held on best uses of the Libraries staff pages

Measures of Success


  1. John Brennan is a member of the Training and Learning Committee and plans to share this objective in that group's meetings.


Review Faculty Services webpages and add content of interest to new faculty

Measures of Success


  1. Proposed revisions/addition should be developed in the summer (perhaps by a subcommittee that includes a few subject specialist librarians? - HG)
  2. After faculty views are solicited in September and any further revisions are made, the new Faculty Services webpages should be promoted - via libraries liaison messages to departmental list-servs and a news story on our website - in October


Redirect promotion of one exhibition per year, to involve specific academic departments; seek to recruit the department chairs as active cosponsors/promoters of the exhibition opening

Measures of Success


  1. For a realistic assessment of the success of this initiative, three 'test runs' of this approach should be undertaken then the results of all three partnerships should be compared.

Draft by Harry Glazer
Prepared May 4, 2009
Revision May 5, 2009 (JB)
Based on notes from the meeting of the Metrics subcommittee:
Jeanne Boyle, John Brennan, Harry Glazer, and Daphne Roberts
April 28, 2009

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