Minutes for November 5, 2009 Meeting

H. Glazer, J. Brennan (recorder), G. Sandberg, T. Yang, R. Barbalace, M. Tokar, S. Mikitish, J. Madden, C. Wu, T. Frusciano, D. Levine (guest)

Multi-year Marketing Plan Update

John Brennan updated the team on a meeting John, Harry Glazer and Francoise Puniello had with Marianne Gaunt to discuss the framework for the next three year Marketing Plan. It was agreed there are five major areas of focus for the next plan.

Among the other topics discussed:

Marketing comments on Ethnographic Research Project

Steph Mikitish discussed the process Tao Yang, Glenn Sandberg and she used to review the comments on the Ethnographic Research Project. The focus was to discover what survey participants thought could be done to improve the Libraries web site. Steph, Tao and Glen sorted the findings into three distinct categories:

In reviewing the results three recommendations emerged. These were fully endorsed by the Marketing/PR Team and will be forwarded to the Ethnographic Research Project team.

Guest speaker: David Levine

David Levine is Director of Marketing at ALLSector Technology Group. Based in NYC, ALLSector Technology Group is a system integrator, Value Added Reseller (VAR), application developer, with experience in delivering a wide range of information technology and application services.

David shared some general marketing insights from his long career in marketing and message creation. Among the highlights:

RUL Brand Clinic: Reviewing the "Guide to Students" brochure

As part of the Marketing team's commitment to ensure the libraries brand resonates throughout our various modes of communication, the team is reviewing internally produced publications. The objective is to see if any or all of our brand attributes (Friendly Service, Essential Services, Higher Education Focus, Enriching Knowledge) are explicitly or implicitly (or both) communicated. At the previous meeting the team was tasked with reviewing the libraries "Guide to Students".

It was noted some of the attributes were implicitly communicated either through images or text. Jean Madden suggested a rewrite to part of the brochure to explicitly express our brand attributes.

The talk shifted gears to discussing what is the ultimate purpose of the brochure and if it was a value added publication. The group also discussed the redundancy of information in this guide with other library print materials and, if we continue to produce it, revisiting the layout.

Ultimately, the team recommends we discontinue the "Guide to Students" brochure because it is rarely requested by students and the information it contains is redundant since it is already included in the "Borrowers" brochure.

Harry asked the group to review the RUL 2008/2009 Annual Report for the next meeting, to pinpoint if and where the brand is communicated within it.

Rutgers Day

Rose Barbalace gave an update on planning for Rutgers Day 2010. She said the first deadline for submissions is Friday, November 13, but expected another opportunity will be made for additional ideas. Rose thanked Stephanie Bartz for her proactive role during this planning phase. Among the suggestions received thus far:

Rose encouraged everyone to continue to submit ideas.

New Faculty Orientation, Summer/Fall 2010

Harry mentioned a librarian has already volunteered to attend the next new faculty orientation to help acclimate new faculty with our services.

Next Meeting

Thursday, December 10th, 2:30 pm University Librarian's Conf. Room

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