Minutes for December 10, 2009 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, John Brennan, Harry Glazer, Jean Madden, Stephanie Mikitish, Daphne Roberts, Glenn Sandberg, Michele Tokar, Connie Wu, Tao Yang (recorder)

1. Update: new multi-year marketing plan

Glazer first described the process of developing the new multi-year marketing plan. In the process, Glazer and Brennan received guidance from Marianne Gaunt, sought suggestions from the University Librarian's Cabinet, and met with Tom Glynn (representing New Brunswick Library Faculty), and Jeff Teichmann (representing Access Services) to seek input.

Brennan led the discussion of the new plan with the focus on measurement metrics. Wu suggested to make changes to a couple of words used in Goal #2, which was accepted. The goal #5 (promoting library assessment initiatives) was added during a Cabinet meeting and Harry commented that this would be a difficult area to work on. Yang suggested to move switch the order of goal #4 and goal #5 for better flow of the document.

Brennan asked people to take a final look at the document and discuss it at the next meeting (scheduled on January 21, 2009).

2. Rutgers Day

Rose Barbalace who coordinates the Rutgers Day committee was not able to attend the meeting, so this item was delayed, but Mikitish reported that the Livingston Campus is added to the 2010 Rutgers Day program.

3. Discussion: Topics for RUL presentation to student leaders' group

Marianne Gaunt received an open invitation from Gregory Blimling, Vice President for Student Affairs, to attend a meeting with leaders of student organizations and she asked the Marketing/PR Group to prepare a list of questions for the student leaders. In response to Gaunt's request, Wu worked on the questions and presented a short list of questions. After Wu's presentation, Glazer grouped the questions into four areas: general needs of students, outreach, promotion of library, and library instruction. After a lively discussion, the group decided to recommend general needs and outreach to Gaunt for consideration, even though Glazer will share the complete list of questions with her.

4. Brand Clinic

Glazer showed the group the newly published RUL annual report and asked whether the four attributes of the RUL brand are represented. Sandberg and Brennan thought that three of four attributes - Essential Services, Higher Education Focus, and Enriching Knowledge are well represented, but the Friendly Service attribute is not. Harry then probed how to represent Friendly Service other than showing friendly faces of librarians and staff in the report. Yang suggested to use student testimonies. Glazer concluded that he will adopt user testimonies that directly speak to the friendliness of library faculty and staff in the future annual reports.

5. FYI Report

Glazer shared a success story of using Facebook: per the request of Jeff Teichmann, he posted an announcement on Facebook that the Alexander Library will open 24 hours in the exam period. This announcement was quickly picked up by by a Targum article that included a direct quote from Glazer's original announcement. Separately, Rutgers SC&I is considering a marketing initiative of their own and they have showed interest in the RUL marketing efforts - their staff has requested a meeting with Glazer to discuss the RUL marketing experience.

At last marketing team meeting, the group decided to discontinue the print student guide. However, Glazer shared with the group the guide Robeson Library created, which featured large fonts, short sentences, and well-placed images. The Robeson guide has proven to be well used, so Glazer has informed Mary Fetzer, the interim AUL for RIS, about this alternative way of creating print guides.

6. Taking on 2010 marketing tasks

Goal #1: Brennan, Sandberg
Goal #2: Roberts
Goal #3: Wu, Yang, Barbalace
Goal #4: Brennan, Tokar
Goal #5: Brennan

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