Minutes for January 21, 2010 Meeting

John Brennan, Gerard Drinkard (video conference), Harry Glazer (recorder), Jean Madden (video conference), Steph Mikitish, Francoise Puniello, Glenn Sandberg, Tao Yang.
Rose Barbalace, Tom Frusciano, Daphne Roberts, Michele Tokar, Connie Wu.

Chair's Report

Harry welcomed Gerard Drinkard onto the team, as the representative of the John Cotton Dana Library. He replaces Ka Neng Au, who had to step down from the team because he has taken on new duties at the Dana Library.

Harry reported that, in keeping with the newly adopted multi-year marketing plan, he met in early January with Glenn and Steph to discuss marketing the Libraries' Counting Opinions assessment survey. Glenn and Steph made suggestions on how to refine a tentative plan Harry developed with Francoise, Jeanne Boyle, and Georgina Alonzo to promote the Counting Opinions survey. Ideas included taking advantage of the period of high use of the library buildings, in late April/early May, to draw attention to the survey and placing table tents on the desks, tables, and carols.

As in keeping with the marketing plan, Harry has been active developing news stories and pitching the stories to media sources. He thanks John and Jean for their help in developing or pitching stories. He also asked all team members to send him ideas for future news stories.

Following up on a matter discussed last semester, following research and ideas by Connie, Harry reported that Marianne intends to meet with student leaders on February 10th. One major topic of discussion will be library hours.

Harry also set a tentative date to participate in a Library Resources Council meeting, February 18th, to discuss marketing concerns per the multi-year plan.

Libraries at Rutgers Day

Since Rose was absent due to illness, this report was truncated. Reading from an email sent by Rose, Harry reported that Kilmer Library is now in the zone for Rutgers Day and new proposals are due soon. The Libraries are planning Rutgers Day activities in the Art, Alexander, East Asian, and Kilmer libraries and in Special Collections. Steph added that one of the activities will be 'create your own bookmark' for children and a scavenger hunt.

Discussion - Metrics for Media Coverage

Harry initiated a discussion of what measures can be used to assess the Marketing/PR team's efforts to increase media coverage, in light of the fact that the size of many newspapers (as number of pages) is shrinking and there is less space to fill.

Gerard mentioned that the Rutgers-Newark Observer has not decreased pages and has recently offered space to campus departments who want to promote their activities. He will ask Haipeng if anyone at Dana has contacted the Observer, on behalf of the library, to take them up on their offer and, if not, perhaps the Marketing/PR team will.

Jean pointed out that the problem with the Rutgers-Camden-Gleaner is not diminishing pages but a shrinking pool of staff writers.

Francoise suggested that the Rutgers Today website, though new, lens itself well to measurement. The coverage we receive in the 09/10 year should be considered as a baseline and then we can aim to maintain this level.

Glenn offered that the Libraries Fanpage on Facebook be considered a news medium. Measures could include number of fans and news items promoted on the page.

John pointed to www.nj.com/starledger as a good target for promotion, either for placement of Libraries stories or for comments on other stories. The online site will not be as limited as the print version. Glenn added that some of the columnists at the Star Ledger may be receptive to Libraries news stories and should be approached. Harry said the same may be true at The Home News Tribune.

Steph and Tao suggested that all attempts to pitch a Libraries news story to different media outlets be tracked and measured each year.

Glenn remarked that end zone promotions at Rutgers football home games may be a novel opportunity for RUL promotion. There are also commercials aired during games on television. He will look into these possibilities and report back to the team.

Francoise mentioned that news story placements in Rutgers magazine in 09/10 can be viewed as a baseline. We may be able to improve the level of coverage in the next year.

Minutes Review - Dec. 2009

The team reviewed the minutes drafted by Tao and approved them. Tao said he would send the minutes to Harry shortly; Harry will send them out to RUL_Everyone.

Next Meeting

The next scheduled meeting of the Marketing/PR team is Thursday February 18th at 2:30 pm. The main meeting site is the conference room at the Libraries Technical Services Building.

Minutes prepared by Harry Glazer
February 11, 2010

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