Minutes for February 18, 2010 Meeting

Rose Barbalace, John Brennan, Harry Glazer, Jean Madden (video conference), Steph Mikitish (recorder), Glenn Sandberg, Michele Tokar, Tao Yang
Gerard Drinkard, Tom Frusciano, Daphne Roberts, Connie Wu

RUL at Rutgers Day 2010

Rose informed the group that Rutgers Day will be on April 24th , and the participating RU Libraries will be Alexander, Art, and Kilmer. All of these libraries will have open houses, and will be giving away gifts, which will be finalized later in the month. Alexander and Kilmer library will both be running a "Make Your Mark" program where participants can create bookmarks. There will also be a Scavenger Hunt at Alexander, with a bonus gift available at the Art Library. Kilmer Library will have a program on the history of the Livingston Campus, and Special Collections will be hosting a Henry Rutgers exhibit and a Genealogy event. Author Helen Pike will also be speaking at an event co-hosted by the School of Communication and Information (SC&I). Library faculty and staff members can still participate in Rutgers Day, and should contact Rose or Stephanie Bartz if interested.

Promoting Assessment (Follow Up)

Steph informed the group that during the first week of March, the pop-up ad for the RUL survey will be appearing more frequently. In order to further raise awareness about the survey, Steph distributed flyers for the group members to place in their respective libraries and units. (Note: Copies of the flyers were mailed to the access services supervisors in the libraries not represented at the meeting.)

MKTG/PR Team Encounter W/LRC Report

Harry and Michele recently attended a Library Resources Council (LRC) meeting in order to reach out to RUL librarians and gain their feedback on the Marketing/PR efforts. Harry discussed with LRC members the RUcore brochure he is developing with input from Bob Sewell and a small announcement he's working on with Tom Izbicki about a new portal for Classics.

Harry and Michele also asked what the LRC thought of the Librariesí brand. Specifically they wanted to make sure it was still valid. One comment that came up was that the billing notice that the Libraries sends out does not seem to convey friendly service. Glenn mentioned that the billing notices were just updated to be friendlier.

RUL Representation at Major University Events

Following up on one aspect of the multi-year marketing plan, Harry discussed some initial thoughts drawn up by Daphne on major events at which the Libraries should be present. Harry suggested categorizing events by size. Tier I events would be large university wide events, such as RU Day, Homecoming, Involvement Fairs, and Scarlet Days. Tier II events would be smaller, such as Film Festivals. These smaller events would be value added opportunities.

The group consensus was that events should be judged by additional criteria besides the event size, such as the appropriateness of the library presence. For instance, if the RUL holdings could be tied into an event, like if the Libraries film collection were related to the ones shown at a film festival, then it would be make sense for the Libraries to market themselves at the event. Harry also said that he would consult with Francoise.

Efforts to Increase Press Coverage

Harry announced that John and Daphne volunteered to write/research possible articles.

Follow up on Suggestion Re: RU Football

Glenn spoke to a representative from RU Football about whether Tom Frusicano might be able to appear in the end zone for his work on the RU Football history book that he wrote. Unfortunately, the end zone appearance is reserved for those who give pregame talks, so Tomís appearance would not be possible. Glenn also asked if a shot or two of a Rutgers Library could be included in the commercial about the University that is shown at the games, but that was also not possible.

Next Meeting

In conclusion, Harry was pleased to announce that the group was advancing on all points of the Multi-Year Marketing Plan. The next meeting will be Thursday 22 April 2010 in the University Librarian's Conference Room in the Alexander Library.

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