Minutes for April 22, 2010 Meeting

H. Glazer, G. Sandberg (recording), T. Yang, R. Barbalace, M. Tokar, S. Mikitish, C. Wu, J. Brennan, J. Madden, D. Roberts

1) Rutgers Day Promotional DVD (Glazer)

The team viewed the Libraries' promotional DVD for Rutgers Day. Reaction was unanimously positive. Production values were high and content was appropriate to the event.

2) Reaching Out to Student Leaders (Glazer)

Harry reported on University Librarian Marianne Gaunt's meeting with student leaders in New Brunswick in March, on the invitation of Vice President Blimling. This meeting, held on the suggestion of the Marketing/PR team, went well. Here is a review of comments from the student leaders:

3) Rutgers Day Update (Barbalace)

Rose reported that she has 32 volunteers for Rutgers Day on Saturday, April 24. The Libraries will offer activities at Alexander, Art, Douglass, and Kilmer libraries. Giveaways are in place. The scavenger hunt at Alexander Library is ready to go. The RUL banner has been hung outside Alexander Library.

4) Promoting Library Assessment: Metrics Update (Glazer)

Harry updated the team on the work of Glenn and Stephanie in promoting the Library Assessment Survey. Marketing the survey has helped attract more people to take the survey; however, it is difficult to gauge what specific element of the marketing worked best.

5) RUL at Reunion Weekend (Glazer)

Judy Gardner has recommended that the team pursue an opportunity for marketing and public relations at Alumni Reunion Weekend. Tao is heading up this initiative. Harry is working to create an alumni services handout for this event. Staff can work this weekend and receive comp time.

Jean Madden is working the Camden campus alumni reunion on May 7-9.

6) Ongoing Projects – Review (Glazer)

a) Writing Assignments

b) Identifying University-Wide Events for RUL Involvement

c) New Faculty Orientation

d) Counting Opinions

e) Brand Vitality

Next Meeting: Thursday, June 17, 2010 3:00 pm.

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