Minutes for September 16, 2010 Meeting

John Brennan, Harry Glazer, Kim Kaiser, Jean Madden (via videoconference), Rebecca Martinez, Daphne Roberts (recorder), Glenn Sandberg, Michele Tokar, Connie Wu, and Tao Yang.

Harry Glazer welcomed two new members of the team - Kim Kaiser from Kilmer and Rebecca Martinez for DTS.

John Brennan presented a Brand validation assessment report. The committee was charged with assessing the continued validity of RUL's four core attributes (Higher Education Focus, Essential Services, Enriching Knowledge, and Friendly Service). The unscientific assessment evaluated the responses to open-ended questions in the online customer satisfaction surveys completed from the Libraries home page between October 2009 and May 2010.

From the data sampled, John reported that three of the four brand attributes were strongly supported but a fourth, Essential Services, received weak support (less than 60% of comments in this area were favorable). John attributed some of the criticisms in this area to concerns about hours and group study spaces, which the Libraries subsequently addressed.

Team members raised other questions about the survey: how long will it be available; how frequently it is displayed; how can we determine who has taken it before and is there a way to publicize it to internal working groups.

Michele Tokar reported on the New Faculty Orientation. She noted the format was not the same as last year. The orientation was held in the new Rutgers Visitor Center on the Busch Campus with faculty and staff exhibits held on different floors of the center. The distance did not allow for a continuous flow of traffic as it had in previous years.

Connie Wu, Glenn Sandberg and Harry Glazer announced walking tours of CAC would now begin at the Alexander Library. The Libraries will also be a stop on the Scarlet Days group tours. Other opportunities to feature the Libraries are the Discovery Days for prospective students in the summer.

Harry distributed a brochure on RU-Core along with bookmarks to steer faculty to the website. Area directors Mary Fetzer, Mark Winston and Gary Golden will be distributing the new marketing materials to their respective librarians.

The group made suggestions on press placements of major stories including the $30.00 per semester limit on student copies; new scanning stations; laptop loaning program; Mitch Denda’s butterfly research; home library holds and CD checkout to undergrads in the Media Center. Other suggestions were re-running past stories to remind or introduce items of interest, media tag to include a location for all library items in print, and hold a contest to name of the new café (prize to be determined). Members were also reminded of the importance of being proactive and seeking out those who can feed us news.

Harry reviewed Marketing/PR team projects for 2010/2011 and asked for volunteers. Team members enthusiastically agreed to take the following assignments:

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