Minutes for October 21, 2010 Meeting

Rose Barbalace, John Brennan, Gerard Drinkard (via videoconference), Harry Glazer, Kim Kaiser, Jean Madden (via videoconference), Rebecca Martinez, Stephanie Mikitish, Glenn Sandberg, Michele Tokar, and Connie Wu (recorder)

Rutgers Day 2011 - Rose

Planning is now just starting. Rebecca and Kim expressed an interest to be the committee co-chairs for Rutgers Day 2012. We'd like to have a librarian in the leadership as well. We need some fresh ideas and will decide what we will do this year.

Café naming contest - Glenn & Kim

Placed an ad in Targum and flyers in the students centers. Announced on the RUL Facebook and RUL Webpage. There will be a big poster in the lobby of Alexander Library. Deadline is Dec. 1st . We already received 40+ submissions.


  1. Do we need prizes for 2nd and 3rd place winners?
  2. Do we need to run the ads once more in Nov. in the Targum?

Meeting with USC and LRC - John and Rebecca

JB and RM shared the outline of the presentation to USC and LRC. They hope to contact the respective chairs in November and schedule discussions at USC and LRC meetings in December or January 2011.


  1. Should we ask USC & LRC if the Guide for Students brochure should be reprinted?
  2. We may not need many brochures, but we need some online videos, online PDF files, and book marks.
  3. We need some printable materials for Rutgers Day

Discussion: Develop an opt-in e-newsletter? - Rebecca

RM proposed an opt-in e-newsletter for faculty and graduate students and shared some samples of the e-newsletters at Rutgers and from outside organizations. The e-newsletter will provide library information on a regular basis (once a month or twice a semester). The users need to subscribe to it if they are interested.


  1. We need to get support from librarians who can provide news and help us recruit faculty to subscribe.
  2. Suggestion - Send out a sample of the newsletter in print first, then ask the users to sign up to view the E-version.
  3. Mention the idea at the USC and LRC meetings when JB and RM give the presentation.
  4. Maybe present the idea at other RUL, NBL or NBCCG meetings.

News promotion - Harry

Sent three stories to Targum. Two stories were published including the New Scanning Stations and Art Library Laptop Loaning program.

Will invite Jeanne Boyle to come to talk to the Marketing/PR team about the Counting Opinions survey.

Next meeting is at 2:30pm Thur, on Nov. 18th at TSB.

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