Minutes for December 16, 2010 Meeting

Harry Glazer , Rebecca Martinez, Kim Kaiser (recorder), Michele Tokar, Glenn Sandberg, Daphne Roberts, Connie Wu,

NJLA Posters (Harry)

The possibility of contributing posters to NJLA's May conference was considered. Harry proposed the poster ideas of explaining the process and development of the faculty information bookmarks or the e-newsletter. The group agreed that both may be of interest. Some thought that providing results for the process was important to represent on the poster, while others felt this was not essential. Possibly both poster ideas could be submitted. Submissions are due to NJLA on Jan. 14th.

Café Naming Contest (Glenn & Kim)

The café naming judges met on Dec. 8th to select the winning name. The names submitted consisted of many creative ideas and the selection process was difficult. From a total of 2,375 possible names, the judges narrowed the list down to three top choices. These selections must now be researched to ensure they are not patented. Connie volunteered to do a trademark search for the three names.

USC Meeting (Rebecca)

Rebecca and John attended the last USC meeting and presented the activities and goals of the marketing group. They also presented the marketing group's ideas for the e-newsletter as a way to put out news and information about the libraries. The e-newsletter was well received and interest in the content was expressed. The plan is to make the creation of each newsletter be a collaborative process between the marketing committee, staff, and librarians. The newsletter would be sent out to faculty with the option to subscribe by clicking the provided link.

The example e-newsletter included:

Group members found the sample newsletter very helpful. It was suggested that faculty might be able to tell us of their publications and we could display them in the newsletter as well.

Informal Discussions with Librarians about Branding (Glenn, Michelle, Kim, Harry, Rebecca)

Group members spoke with various librarians to get their feedback about how faculty see the library and their opinions on the e-newsletter. Are we meeting the goals we want to represent?

Feedback obtained:

Rutgers Day Report (Daphne & Connie)

The first Rutgers Day meeting was held on Dec. 13th. The Art, Alexander, and Kilmer Libraries will be included in Rutgers Day this year (April 30th). Some ideas were contributed, but more ideas are needed. The bookmark making was very successful last year and will be done again this year. Candy and tote bags will be given away. This year's library video will be called "Treasures of the Library." The plan is to incorporate the Art library's exhibit of Chinese calligraphy into the event. A free book appraisal will be offered at Alexander Library. Kilmer will receive a tent and be stationed on the main walkway in front of the library. Daphne suggested that the leftover Rutgers Day advertising bookmarks be handed out during the event because people seemed to appreciate this extra give away at last year's event.

Next meeting: Thursday, February 10, 2011

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