Minutes for February 10, 2011 Meeting

Ray Balter, Rose Barbalace, John Brennan, Harry Glazer, Kim Kaiser, Jean Madden, Rebecca Martinez, Steph Mikitish (minutes), Glenn Sandberg, Michele Tokar, Connie Wu, Tao Yang

Introduction: Ray Balter was welcomed into the group. He is primarily interested in writing PR stories for the Libraries.

Newsletter (Rebecca)

Rebecca passed around a printed draft of E-ssentials, which will be an opt-in email newsletter about the Libraries that is planned to begin this semester, and approximately twice a semester afterwards. Marianne Gaunt offered to send an e-mail invitation to subscribe to the newsletter to all Rutgers faculty members. Featured in the first edition of the newsletter is information on Reaxys, a chemical database, written by Chemistry area librarian Ella Hu. The Media Center/Fordham Lab, Data workshops in Newark and New Brunswick, and the Celebration of Recently Published Faculty Authors exhibition are also highlighted in this release.

Alexander Library Café - publicity (Kim)

This topic was tabled for a future meeting.

Rutgers Day (Rose)

Rose updated the group on the activities that will be held at the participating Libraries for Rutgers Day. Due to construction, there will be no events on the Livingston Campus, so there will be no events at the Kilmer Library. At the Alexander Library the planned events include appraisal of print items in Special Collections, origami taught by Li Sun and Carla Zimmerman, a presentation on the Digital Highway project “Jersey Roots” by Linda Langscheid in the SCC, and a building-wide Scavenger Hunt. At the Art Library there will be a station to make bookmarks and a Chinese Calligraphy exhibit. In total there will be approximately ten activities provided by the Libraries.

Rutgers Day video (Harry for Daphne)

Harry announced that filming for the video is scheduled to begin on Friday 18 February. Marianne Gaunt is scheduled to be filmed on 24 February and Special Collections on 1 March. Isaiah Beard will be assisting with the creation of the video, tentatively titled “Treasures of the Library.” Filming should be completed by 1 April.

Future Marketing/PR team activities (various)

1. Tao volunteered to staff an RUL table during Alumni Reunion Weekend (5/13-5/15). 2. Michele volunteered to staff an RUL table during the New Faculty Orientation (8/31) at the Busch Campus’ Visitor Center. 3. John volunteered to work with Harry on measuring the RUL brand validation over the summer. 4. John and Rebecca will meet with LRC. 5. Tao informed the group that library directors from China will be visiting in July to tour and train in the Libraries. 6. Harry suggested an RUL presence during Scarlet Days, and Jean agreed to participate in the ones on the Camden Campus. 7. Glenn suggested that the Libraries offer a movie day inside or outside of one of the libraries. This could be done on RutgersFest to provide alternative entertainment for students or during orientation week and the Libraries could co-sponsor it with other groups. The team endorsed Glenn’s suggestion

Future Meetings (Harry)

The next three meetings are set for:
Thursday 24 March at 2:30pm
Thursday 21 April
Thursday 19 May

More details will be forthcoming.

Minutes prepared
by Steph Mikitish
Feb. 15, 2011

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