Minutes for March 24, 2011 Meeting

Ray Balter, Rose Barbalace, John Brennan, Harry Glazer (chair/recorder), Kim Kaiser, Tracey Meyer, Steph Mikitish, Daphne Roberts, Glenn Sandberg, Michele Tokar, Connie Wu, Tao Yang
Rebecca Martinez

I. New Team Member

Harry welcomed Tracey Meyer, who recently agreed to join the Marketing/PR team as a representative of Integrated Information Systems. Tracey has already taken on two assignments for the team-

II. E-ssentials Newsletter

Reporting on behalf of Rebecca, Harry stated that the new Libraries opt-in e-newsletter (E-ssentials) has received some very promising initial responses. Over 100 faculty and staff at the university, besides Libraries personnel, have already subscribed to the newsletter. The initial subscribers include people with Rutgers email suffixes in andromeda, aesop, biology, Camden, computer science, economics, English, history, physics, and other places. Also, Harry was contacted by a senior staff member in the Division of Continuing Studies who said that she and her colleagues were very impressed with the newsletter and sought advice on how to create a similar newsletter for their unit. The next issue of the newsletter is scheduled for publication in mid-April.

III. Libraries at Rutgers Day

Rose reviewed the work of the Libraries at Rutgers Day planning committee. She has ordered the giveaways that will be distributed at the event, such as tote-bags, candy for children, USB drives, and prizes for scavenger hunt winners.

Activities planned for the day include a NJ Digital Highway program in the SCC (MyJerseyRoots), book and manuscript appraisals in Special Collections and University Archives, a scavenger hunt in Alexander Library, an origami making workshop in Alexander Library, an Art Library open house, and more.

Rose and Stephanie Bartz plan to send a message to RUL_Everyone shortly, seeking volunteers for Rutgers Day at the Alexander and Art libraries. Connie mentioned the recent water damage at the Art Library and asked if the library will be able to participate as planned in Rutgers Day; Rose said she would look into this.

Within the next few days Rose will be sending a news story about Libraries activities on Rutgers Day to Harry, for posting on the website. Linda Langschied will be sending a separate news story about the MyJerseyRoots program to Harry.

Connie suggested that the MyJerseyRoots news story be featured in the next issue of the E-ssentials newsletter and the team endorsed this suggestion.

IV. Libraries' Rutgers Day Video

Daphne reported that filming of all the Libraries leaders to be featured in the Rutgers Day video - Ron Becker, Marianne Gaunt, and Dan Morgenstern - and at the Special Collections and IJS locations is complete. Isaiah Beard, the cameraman and video editor for this project, is now working on the film and plans to have a draft ready by April 2nd.

This year's film will focus on "The unique treasures of the Rutgers University Libraries."

V. RUL on Facebook: New Leadership

Harry mentioned that in a recent UHR workshop he attended on social media, the session leader recommended that any unit with a social media page make sure that there is a back-up person for the administrator of the page. Harry thanked John for agreeing to serve as the co-administrator of the Rutgers University Libraries' Facebook page.

VI. New News Writer

Harry recognized Ray's efforts, in preparing a news story for the website about Bonita Grant receiving the 2011 Maureen Ogden Award. The news story was included in the latest issue of the university's weekly Faculty/Staff Bulletin email newsletter.

VII. Press Outreach in Camden

Harry recognized Jean's efforts, in working with him to encourage the Rutgers-Camden Gleaner to cover stories about the Libraries. One result of their work was a large story the Gleaner recently printed about Robeson librarian John Maxymuk's 'extracurricular' work as a published author, New York Times blog writer, and prominent expert on sports statistics.

VIII. Upcoming team activities

  1. RUL table @ Alumni Reunion Weekend; 5/13-5/15
    Tao plans to contact the Alumni Reunion office shortly, to confirm that the Libraries can host a table at the activities fair as we did last year
  2. RUL table @ New Faculty Orientation: 8/31/11
    Michele will be coordinating the Libraries' presence at this event
  3. Film screening during start of fall 2011 semester
    Glenn has consulted with the Media Center about films we could use for this activity; Kim suggested a cosponsorship with RUPA and will ask a student worker at Kilmer who is an officer of RUPA to discuss this with Glenn.
  4. Summer brand validation
    Harry and John will be looking into this, possibly by using Counting Opinions data.
  5. Meeting w/LRC - April 2011
    John and Rebecca are tentatively scheduled to speak to the Library Resources Council at their April meeting and hope to receive confirmation from Karen Hartman sometime soon.

IX. Follow up - Enhanced RUL Presence at GA Orientation?

Connie looked into a suggestion the Marketing/PR team received last semester from Susan Wengler, a Ph.D. candidate at SC&I, that the Libraries enhance their presence at TA orientation and graduate student orientations.

Connie determined that each graduate school at Rutgers conducts their own orientation for their graduate students. She recommended that the Marketing/PR team not pursue increasing the Libraries' presence at these types of activities, as it would entail a number of different events - each reaching a small potential audience. Team members accepted this recommendation.

A discussion ensued on the potential impact of expanding our involvement in TA orientation. Team members suggested that a presentation to TAs on access services procedures and recent innovations might be most useful. Connie and Michele agreed to investigate this opportunity further and report back to the team.

X. Next meetings

Harry learned that the May meeting conflicts with the TSB/DTS staff picnic, which will draw away a few team members. He will seek to reschedule this meeting and advise members of the team in early April.
[UPDATE: The April and May meetings were rescheduled, to one meeting - on May 5th].

Prepared by Harry Glazer
April 5, 2011.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/marketing-pr/minutes/marketing-pr_11-03-24.shtml
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