Minutes for May 5, 2011 Meeting

Raymond Balter, Stephanie Bartz (guest), John Brennan, Harry Glazer (chair), Tracey Meyer, Steph Mikitish, Glenn Sandberg, Michele Tokar, Tao Yang (recorder)

I. Rutgers Day 2011 Wrap-up report

Rose Barbalace was unavailable to attend the meeting, so Stephanie Bartz was invited to give a report about Rutgers Day in April. Overall, Rutgers Day went well for the library: the appraisal activity in the Special Collections did not attract a lot of people, but the appraiser was able to spend a lot of time on each person in spite (or because) of that; the Milton exhibit in the Lobby attracted some people; a little over 200 people participated in the Scavenger Hunt; the Origami activity was popular, even though it is difficult to tell exactly how many people were there; in spite of focused promotion, My Jersey Roots activity saw little participation; there was a speculation that the library tent outside was not as busy as last year, but it is difficult to verify; in the Art Library, the bookmarks went well, too.

Harry Glazer informed the group that next year a team of four people will be put in charge of the library programs on Rutgers Day.

II. Alumni Reunion Weekend report

Tao Yang gave a brief update on the library participation at the Alumni Reunion Weekend in New Brunswick. RUL will have a table at the Reunion Weekend Block Party on May 10. A smaller group of volunteers is needed to staff the table based on last year's experience. In addition to Yang, Paul Young of Kilmer who is an alumnus has volunteered. Yang will obtain promotional materials from Glazer and other supplies from Rose Barbalace for the event.

III. Meeting with Library Resources Council report

John Brennan and Rebecca Martinez met with the members of the Library Resources Council (LRC). They introduced the Marketing Team and its activities and focused on what the Marketing Team can do for the LRC and the selectors. They received positive feedback about the E-ssentials newsletter and one related suggestion was to send out a public call for articles to RUL_Everyone (Glazer inserted that the newsletter subscriptions are growing). Based on his interactions with LRC, Brennan also noted that the four brand attributes that the RUL has adopted may not be as widely known as expected.

IV. Online Seminar, The Science of Timing (on Social Media) report

Tracey Meyer attended the online seminar titled "The Science of Timing", which is about timing the messaging on various social media for maximum effect. She took detailed notes on the best time to publicize through Twitter, Facebook, email blasts, and blogging, which the group found very helpful.

V. Summer projects

For summer projects, the group will first look at what resources and services to promote in the future. The group decided to approach two librarians about this and Michele Tokar will coordinate who speaks to whom. Another project is the study abroad fair on May 21 and Steph Mikitish volunteered to assist Myoung Wilson who is representing the Libraries at the fair.

VI. Announcements

June meeting is canceled. Glenn Sandberg noted that public scanning stations are getting a lot of usage and there is a push toward new multi-functional scanners, which may need publicity in the future.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30pm.

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