Minutes for December 1, 2011 Meeting

H. Glazer, J. Brennan (recorder), R. Martinez, G. Sandberg, R. Barbalace, S. Mikitish, J. Madden, T. Meyer, B. Fong, K. Kaiser, D. Roberts, R. Balter, J. Still

Rutgers Day Update (K. Kaiser)

Kim Kaiser, Jeris Cassel and Katrina Zwaaf are coordinating the Libraries’ efforts for Rutgers Day. Most of the activities on College Avenue will be focused around the Voorhees Mall area. The central theme is still to be determined. The Libraries will have to increase its presence on Voorhees since there will be very limited activity near Alexander Library. How to get people to come to Alexander Library remains an open question. We will see what plans S.C.I. has and try to work on something together. Harry will reach out to the folks in S.C.I.

E-ssentials Newsletter (R. Martinez)

There was a small problem with the distribution of the latest newsletter and as a result several people on the Marketing team did not receive it. The problem will be addressed.

The newsletter currently has 240 subscribers. It was mentioned recently in the Rutgers Faculty and Staff Bulletin (thanks to Rebecca, who submitted an announcement). After the story ran 34 new people subscribed. Rebecca asked the team for topics for upcoming newsletters, including the lead story for the February 2012 issue. Any suggestions should be sent to the E-ssentials email address: essentials@rulmail.rutgers.edu

Undergrad Marketing Class Project (H. Glazer)

A student team in a Business School class is performing an assessment of the Scarlet Latte. They will create a project report/proposal discussing ways to market the café. It will be presented on December 8 with Harry and Rebecca plan to attend. Additionally, Harry said we will add Scarlet Latte marketing to a future meeting with the intent of generating ideas and then meeting with the café management team to discuss marketing opportunities.

Visits to Camden and Newark (H. Glazer)

Harry visited Newark and Camden and gathered ideas for news stories. The stories, both large and small, are still being formulated. Harry will continue to work on this.

Meeting with Library Councils (T. Meyer)

Tracey Meyer is scheduled to meet with USC on December 7, 2011 to talk about the Marketing team and how it can be of service. Glenn Sandberg and Harry are scheduled to attend an LRC meeting in the near future for the same purpose.

Reference Sources and Services S.C.I. Course (H. Glazer)

Harry updated the team on a lecture Kevin Mulcahy did for the “Reference Sources and Services’ course at S.C.I. Afterward, the instructor asked the class to prepare marketing ideas for available RUL online resources. Harry provided the students reports to the team and asked that they be reviewed. Everyone should pick their favorite one or two suggestions as outlined by the students for marketing consideration. Bonnie and Julie agreed to review the databases selected by the students and prioritize their need for marketing support, using cost, usage, and disciplinary/interdisciplinary focus as possible criteria.

Marketing & Public Relations Team and the new Libraries Strategic Plan (H. Glazer)

Harry met with Marianne Gaunt to discuss two questions regarding possible resources and services to promote.

  1. Will promoting ‘location-bound’ resources be discouraging to potential (but geographically distant) users? – Marianne said being location specific is not a problem.
  2. Which resources/services can accommodate increased demand? – Marianne said increased demand can be handled.

Marianne said we should concentrate on the following:

  1. Unique resources. Specifically IJS, SC/UA, East Asian Library and the Newark Collections. We are already promoting SC/UA and Newark.
  2. The Library is open to the public and people can use our resources while in the building.
  3. I.L.L.

Harry asked how we can promote these things and opened it up to the team. Among the initial suggestions:

The discussion will continue at the next meeting.

Next Meeting

Thursday, January 26th, 2:30 pm – University Librarian's Conference Room, Alexander Library

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