Minutes for January 26, 2012 Meeting

H. Glazer, R. Martinez, G. Sandberg, R. Barbalace, S. Mikitish, J. Madden, T. Meyer, B. Fong, K. Kaiser, J. Still, L. Langschied, T. Yang, M. Tokar (recorder)

Marketing & Public Relations Team and the new Libraries Strategic Plan (H. Glazer)

Following the December 1, 2011 meeting, Harry met with Marianne Gaunt to prioritize the “external’ audiences the Marketing & Public Relations Team would reach out to. Marianne Gaunt suggested we target three different groups: New Jersey legislators, New Jersey high school history teachers, and a third group which was left up to the discretion of the Team. The Team decided small businesses would be a good third group to target. It was noted that Ka-Neng Au from Newark would be an excellent resource for information regarding small businesses.

Julie Still volunteered to draft a letter to New Jersey Legislators, Harry and Linda Langschied volunteered to work together on how best to contact the New Jersey high school history teachers, and Tao Yang volunteered to talk with Au about small businesses. The Team suggested that a “Marketing Research Approach’ would work best when contacting all of these groups; approach a key audience, survey that audience for their needs, and then convey resources we have that may interest them, i.e. Eagleton Poll Archive, Special Collections, and various digital Projects.

New Project (H. Glazer)

Marianne Gaunt received a suggestion from a donor to create a professional quality library video. The donor suggested such a video could be used to advertize special library resources. John Brennan volunteered to head this effort. He will search for a professional videographer to work with. The video would potentially be sent to individual donors as a gift, placed on the libraries website, and possibly placed on YouTube.

E-ssentials Newsletter (R. Martinez)

The February issue is coming up. This issue will be featuring articles about librarians support of specialized academic programs, two librarians who directed academic centers, the Celebration of Faculty Authors, and more. Any suggestions should be sent to the E-ssentials email address: essentials@rulmail.rutgers.edu

Rutgers Day Update (K. Kaiser)

Rutgers day will take place in the Voorhees Mall area his year. Library activities will be inside and outside the Art Library and include: creating bookmarks, origami, interactive storytime with an animal theme, an information table with a spinning wheel, prizes and library facts. Special Collections will create an exhibit featuring Children´s books. The children´s book written by Michael Joseph and illustrated by Henry Charles is to be included.

USC Report (H. Glazer, G. Sandberg)

Harry and Glenn are investigating ways to promote traditional, mobile, and chat reference services. Stephanie M. suggested E- message boards in academic buildings in New Brunswick, Camden and Newark. The Team suggested advertising on campus buses. Julie S. will craft a message.

Scarlet Latte Committee Meeting (H. Glazer, K. Kaiser, Rebecca M.)

Professor Minkoff´s class presented suggestions to the Café Management committee. The following list includes suggestions made and some responses:

The Marketing team made the following suggestions for promotion of the café:

The committee is open to more suggestions.

News gathering visits

Harry plans to visit Robeson and Dana in the coming weeks.

Next Meetings

Thursday, March 1st, 2:30 pm University Librarian's Conference Room, Alexander Library
Thursday, April 19th, 2:30 pm - TSB Conference Room

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