Minutes for March 1, 2012 Meeting

R. Balter, R. Barbalace, J. Brennan, B. Fong, H. Glazer (chair), K. Kaiser, L. Langschied, J. Madden, R. Martinez, T. Meyer (recorder), S. Mikitish, G. Sandberg, J. Still, D. Roberts, M. Tokar, T. Yang

Harry made a statement opposing the proposed merger of Rutgers Camden and Rowan University. He encouraged those present to sign the online petition and write letters to the editors of the local newspapers.

Upcoming events

A. Rutgers Day (K. Kaiser)

Rutgers Day is scheduled for Saturday, April 28, 2012. The committee is still determining the activities to be held at the Libraries table by the Art Library. The program will include information on exhibits, at Special Collections and University Archives, origami, making bookmarks, story time and an information table. The giveaways will include ceramic mugs, magnetic clips, stress balls, tote bags, pens and post-it notes. There will be a prize wheel at the information table and an emphasis on fun.

B. Alumni Reunion / Involvement Fair (T. Yang)

This event is scheduled for Saturday, May 12, 2012.
There will be an RUL information table with giveaways available.

Ongoing Projects

A. E-ssentials Newsletter (R. Martinez)

The next issue is scheduled to be published in April.
Articles on mobile apps (J. Deodato) and Seventeen magazine issues from 1944 to 2000 now available on microfilm (K. Denda) are slated for publication in the upcoming issue.

B. New RUL strategic plan initiatives

Julie discussed approaches for outreach to NJ state legislators. One approach would be via a letter that would be customized to individuals with specific library resources based on their committee memberships. Another route would be to market our resources in person at the state capitol building on National Library Legislative Day and ALA Legislative Day.

Tao discussed outreach to NJ small businesses. He presented a slideshow, developed by Ka-Neng Au, entitled Information Resources and Services for Entrepreneurs and suggested this could be disseminated via Chambers of Commerce throughout New Jersey. He recommended promoting three business databases: ReferenceUSA, Business Source Premier and Frost and Sullivan Industry Reports. We can also promote RULís business librarians. The Marketing/PR team decided that the recommended approach would be to focus on the chambers of commerce in the four cities where RU campuses are located (Camden, Newark, New Brunswick, and Piscataway).

Linda reported on potential outreach to NJ high school teachers via NJCSS. She has written to them and has not heard back from her query and needs to follow up. She stated that New Jersey Digital Highway Educators Portal is the primary service for high school history teachers. She would like more information on what RUL proposing offering to this particular audience.

C. Marketing the Scarlet Latte (H. Glazer)

Many ideas were presented regarding the marketing of the café in Alexander Library. It appears to have been a little busier lately. Lunch offerings and high quality coffee are two of the main attributes that will be focused on in future promotional efforts and use of the e-displays will be examined.

New Projects

A. Marketing reference services (B. Fong, J. Madden, S. Mikitish)

USC requested marketing support for reference services. Representatives from Marketing/PR Team have approached campus managers of e-displays and got approval to submit RUL promotional pieces for display on the monitors at the campus center in Newark, and at the Business School (after a software change is implemented at that location). The campus center in Camden is receptive to posting RUL announcements for that campus and in New Brunswick, e-displays in Murray Hall and SCI will display RUL announcements.

B. Promotional video (J. Brennan)

Paula Henry in University Relations was contacted regarding the video project. She estimates the cost at $1,500 to $3,000 per minute based on locations, and other variables. A sound development concept must be completed before contacting vendors for specific quotes. John will present the tentative plan for this video to Tara McDonnell to further develop before presenting to Marianne Gaunt. Members of the team were advised to submit additional ideas to John.

Next meetings: April 19, May 31

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