Minutes for April 24, 2012 Meeting

Harry Glazer, Rose Barbalace, John Brennan, Bonnie Fong (recorder), Linda Langschied, Jean Madden (via videoconference), Tracey Meyer, Daphne Roberts, Julie Still (via videoconference), Tao Yang
Rebecca Martinez, Glenn Sandberg, Steph Mikitish, Kim Kaiser, Michele Tokar

I. Upcoming Events

A) Rutgers Day (April 28th): Final Plans (H. Glazer for K. Kaiser)

Volunteers are still needed for the time period of 1pm-4pm.
A picture of the prize wheel is on the RUL Facebook page.

B) Alumni Reunion/Involvement Fair (May 12th): contacts from alumni office? (T. Yang, Glenn S.)

Tao Yang has heard from the Alumni office and has confirmed the Libraries' presence at the Involvement Fair. He and Glenn Sandberg plan to staff a table at the Fair on Saturday, May 12th.

C) New Faculty Orientation (August?): date scheduled? (H. Glazer for M. Tokar)

This event will not be held at Alexander Library.

II. Ongoing Projects

A) Essentials, April 2012 issue (H. Glazer for R. Martinez)

The April 2012 issue was published earlier this month. The next issue will include an article by Grace Agnew about RUanalytic, which won the New Jersey Library Association's (NJLA) College and University Section (CUS) Technology Innovation Award for 2012.

B) Gearing up for the new RUL Strategic Plan: follow up on target audiences (H. Glazer)

Marianne Gaunt is alright with the Marketing/PR team choosing a different third audience to focus on (instead of the high school history teachers). After some discussion of possibilities, the team decided to focus on helping high school teachers by putting together an online site identifying free resources available for a variety of subject areas. Team members discussed creating a LibGuide to go under the Outreach category. Julie Still volunteered to work on an American History tab; Bonnie Fong volunteered to work on a Science tab; additional volunteers are welcome. Promotion ideas for this site include offering an in-service day and/or Webinar, as well as targeting NJEA via a table at their conference, writing a piece for their newspaper, and/or advertising it on their Web site. The LibGuide could be promoted by a "Services for the general public" link, to be placed on the front page of the Libraries' website.

C) Marketing the Scarlet Latte - spring 2012 promotions (H. Glazer)

Members of the Library Resources Council and Marketing/PR team had a lot of suggestions for the improvement of the café, but it will take some time for them to be implemented. Suggestions include modifying hours, accepting credit/debit cards, improving the quality of salads and sandwiches, and reconsidering portion sizes so that items wouldn't be so expensive.

The Tuesday lunch-time promotions in April have been going well. Hector Osario named the medium roast, "The Papa Bear" and Julie Carlsen named the dark roast, "The Procrastinator."

Visitors indicate they saw flyers about the café in the Student Campus Center and SCI mailing room. Signs are also on stands by Access Services and the Reference desk. A possible place for future signage might be telephone poles, but with the café planning to close over the summer, should we wait?

D) Marketing the Scarlet Latte - forming an events subcommittee (H. Glazer)

Harry Glazer will be the chair of this subcommittee. Prospective committee members are Irina Loutchkina, Orla Mejia, and Paul Young.

E) Promotional Video: Update (J. Brennan)

There will be a meeting with Marianne Gaunt in May about this. There is the possibility that we may get some money to get this done professionally.

F) Promoting Reference Services (B. Fong, J. Madden, H. Glazer, S. Mikitish)

The soft-launch will occur this semester. The roll-out will be in the Fall due to changes in Fall 2011 in how statistics are reported. This way, Fall 2011 statistics can be properly compared with Fall 2012 statistics.

Per Stephanie Bartz, the message promoting reference services is up in the café.

Per Steph Mikitish, it's up in SCI and Murray Hall.

Per Jean Madden, a PowerPoint version of it is up in the Camden Campus Center.

On the Newark campus, a slightly modified version, tailored to meet the specific needs of that campus, will be put up.

III. Next Meeting

Thursday, May 31st, 2:30 pm

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