Minutes for May 31, 2012 Meeting

Rose Barbalace, Merve Fejzula, Bonnie Fong, Harry Glazer (chair/recorder), Kim Kaiser, Mary Ann Koruth, Rebecca Martinez, Steph Mikitish, Glenn Sandberg, Julie Still, Michele Tokar, Tao Yang.

I. Welcome to new members

Harry introduced Merve Fejzula from the Dana Library and Mary Ann Koruth from IIS, who both recently joined the Marketing/PR team.

II. Reports on events attended/organized/anticipated

A) Rutgers Day 2012

Kim reviewed the Libraries activities during Rutgers Day, held in April. The story time for children, the prize wheel, and origami were particularly well received. Kim reported that Rebecca Gardner has agreed to co-chair the Libraries effort at Rutgers Day 2013 with Kim and Katrina.

B) Alumni Reunion

Tao and Glenn staffed the Libraries' table at this event, which attracted a fair number of alumni. Glenn volunteered to co-chair this activity next year.

C) New Faculty Orientation

Michele stated that this activity is usually held in late August; she plans to contact University Human Resources, to see when the event will be held this summer.

Rebecca suggested that the E-ssentials newsletter be a major focus of the Libraries table, with flyers about the newsletter available and a laptop set up to the subscription web-page. Michele said she would keep this in mind.

D) New Student Resource Fairs @ Livingston Student

A few members of the Marketing/PR team have volunteered to staff the Libraries table at these fairs, which are taking place over the summer.

Harry stated that the team would be happy to help with similar activities on the Newark and Camden campuses.

III. Ongoing Projects

E) New Libraries Video, for donors

Reporting for John Brennan, Harry advised that Marianne has allocated $25,000 to fund the development of this video and one or two other future videos in this vein.

F) New RUL Strategic Plan

Team members discussed prospective target audiences (Chambers of Commerce, NJ legislators, and HS teachers) and the activities to reach them. Harry will follow up on this discussion with Marianne.

G) Scarlet Latte events subcommittee

Harry reported that the group's first meeting is set for Tuesday June 26th.

IV. Summer Research Projects

Harry asked if team members would be willing to conduct some research, on activities at other academic libraries, so as to inform the Marketing/PR teams' work in the coming year.

Rose, Michele, Kim, and Glenn offered to work with Harry to check out cafes in other libraries;
Steph, Merve, and Mary Ann each offered to contact three other academic libraries, to see if they have developed brand identities and/or slogans. (for a review of the Rutgers University Libraries' work in this area, please see: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/news/08/11_slogan.shtml )

V. Next Meetings

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