Minutes for April 11, 2013 Meeting

Rose Barbalace, John Brennan, Merve Fejzula, Harry Glazer (chair), Linda Langschied, Jean Madden, Tracey Meyer, Bilge Olgun (guest), Daphne Roberts (recorder), Glenn Sandberg, Julie Still, David Williams, Christine Wolff, Tao Yang
Kim Kaiser, Mary Ann Koruth, Steph Mikitish, Michelle Tokar

I. Welcome new team member

Harry introduced David Williams from Imaging Services who recently joined the team.

II. Presentation: (Re) Introducing Imaging Services

David gave us information on his background and discussed services provided by his department: photocopying; self-service scanning; document printing and binding/theses and dissertations; analog to DVD reformatting; and maintaining copy card vending machines.

He indicated signage needs a boost in the Libraries and showed samples of signs created to make the scanning stations more user friendly for patrons with and without Net ID’s. He wants the students to know how they can save money on copies by scanning and saving to a jump drive. Finally, he mentioned a secret service coming from Imaging Services, not yet publicized.

III. Instagram promotion

Bilge (guest) shared information on the Instagram contest ending April 30, 2013. Students and staff are asked to take a photo of their favorite places in the Libraries and post them on Instgram.

IV. Essentials newsletter

Tracey stated the next issue is ready. Harry explained that Essentials is an opt-in email newsletter targeted to admin and key faculty with a current circulation of 260 – 270. The ongoing challenge it to build the subscription list. Our task is to promote it over the summer and prepare for the September issue.

V. RUL development video

John reported the vendor presented a draft outline of the video to Marianne. She wants another draft, more in line with her vision of: 1) focusing on potential donors; 2) showing donors what we can achieve with their support. Shooting should start in the summer

VI. Alumni Reunion Weekend/resource fair

Tao received an email from the organization asking if the Libraries want to participate this year. The deadline to respond is April 17, 2013. The event, an Alumni Reunion Weekend Block Party will be held, Saturday, May 18, 2013 from 12 – 2:00. Set up time is 10:30 on the Voorhees Mall. The day will include morning events, lunch and a BBQ. The team is asking volunteers to staff a table. The table is provided and we have a beautiful tablecloth to identify the Libraries. All we need are team members to bring handouts. Linda suggested we launch a project to encourage classes to digitize their yearbooks.

VII. Events/Activities/Initiatives 'on the radar'

a) Branding reassessment

Rose will go over data from the previous re-branding assessment gathered in 2008 and released in 2009. The goal is to gather information from the staff in fall of 2013 and students and faculty in spring of 2014 with the results presented in 2014. Since 2009, an entirely new crop of undergrads has rotated into the university. Are RUL's four-core attributes (Higher Education Focus, Essential Services, Enriching Knowledge, and Friendly Service) still valid/accurate/current?

Is there new technology or a new way to communicate with students? Yes, TSB has a mobile app and the new RUL website was unveiled. Julie suggested a new slogan: “we put the whole world in your hands”. April 23rd is the date for the next subgroup meeting.

b) Meetings with USC & LRC

Harry reminded the team that one part of the multi-year marketing plan is to arrange meetings the USC and LRC and ask both councils:

  1. What feedback are you hearing about the Libraries?
  2. What can we do to assist the librarians with their projects?
An encounter with USC is planned for later this month; Harry and Linda plan to conduct the conversation at USC.

c) New faculty orientation/resource fair – Michele

Harry stated that Michelle Tokar informed him that the new faculty orientation was up in the air. He then asked Newark and Camden if they had campus based welcomes for new faculty. They both do.

Information Sharing

  1. Glenn stated his daughter is an ambassador for foreign study students coming to Rutgers. Their first stop is The Center for International Faculty and Student Services. When they arrive, someone should be at the center to introduce them to the Libraries.
  2. Glenn provided examples of how we can publicize the benefits of the merger of databases, journals and services with UMDNJ. He cited accessing journal holdings via the Document Delivery service instead of ILL outside Rutgers. This represents enhanced access and realizes a substantial cost saving.
  3. Rose asked about expanded services with the Big 10. The discussion touched on communicating with Rutgers collectors and Library Marketing Mangers from the Big 10.

Our next meeting is June 6th.

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