Minutes for June 6, 2013 Meeting

Christine Wolff, Harry Glazer, Julie Still, John Brennan, Daphne Roberts, Mary Ann Koruth
Rose Barbalace, Merve Fejzula, Linda Langschied, Jean Madden, Tracey Meyer, Glenn Sandberg, David Williams, Tao Yang, Kim Kaiser, Steph Mikitish, Michele Tokar

I. Updates

a. Branding Subcommittee: Harry reported out for Rose about the subcommittee's progress. The subcommittee plans to analyze comments from the Counting Opinions survey and conduct an online survey with a sample of students and faculty.

b. Development Video: John reported that there are no new updates on the video. John will meet with Marianne Gaunt and Tara McDonnell next week.

c. USC Meeting: Harry reported out for Linda. The minutes for the USC meeting (on 4/25) were included in the meeting's handout. USC suggested that the brand's emphasis should not be on service, but on engagement.

d. RUL @ Rutgers Day: Harry reported out for Kim about the positive feedback on the event.

e. E-ssentials promotion: The latest issue went out in April and Harry ran a promotion for it in SAS's weekly newsletter.

f. Instagram contest winners: Harry reported that a few winners had been selected (by 5 judges) for the first Instagram contest and that prizes had been given to the winners.

II. Small summer projects

a. Five Q's for our marketing colleagues, in the Big Ten / CIC: Each member of the Marketing/PR Team will reach out to contacts (Communications Director or equivalent and/or a marketing/pr team member) at the CIC Member Universities to ask them questions about their collections, digital projects, special collections, marketing team, and social media. This information will be used for (1) a news story and (2) to share the results with Marianne. Each person on the Marketing Team should email Christine (Christine.wolff@rutgers.edu) with the information they receive, no later than Thursday, August 15th. Christine will follow up with those who were not present at the meeting so they can pick one of the CIC institutions.

b. Two-person teams creative project: The Marketing/PR Team will split up into groups of two to work on this project. Each team should design a full page advertisement for RUL, including a short headline, picture, and 2 paragraphs of sample text. Each team will report out on Thursday, August 15th. The teams should not communicate with each other regarding this project.

III. Next meetings

a. Thursday, August 15th

b. Thursday, September 12th

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