Minutes for August 15, 2013 Meeting

Rose Barbalace, Jim Galt, Harry Glazer (chair), Manuel Jusino (guest), Kim Kaiser, Mary Ann Koruth, Jean Madden, Steph Mikitish, Daphne Roberts, Glenn Sandberg, Julie Still (recorder), Michele Tokar, Christine Wolff, Tao Yang.
John Brennan

Chair's Report

Harry welcomed Jim Galt, from the Robert Wood Johnson Medical Library, who just joined the Marketing/PR team. Harry included samples of Jim's impressive marketing projects, on behalf of the RWJ Medical Library, in the meeting packet.

Harry shared that, due to the integration, we must be aware of HIPAA regulations (health insurance portability and accountability more commonly known as patients rights) since we are now involved with some library users that serve patients.

Branding Reassessment

Rose reported on progress of with the branding reassessment project. She and Harry spoke with the University Librarian's Cabinet earlier in August. The Cabinet approved the project and said the results will be used to inform the Libraries development of a new strategic plan. The five brand elements to be tested are: Enriching knowledge, Friendly service, Essential service, Higher education focus (four existing RUL brand characteristics), and effective use of cutting-edge technology (possible addition).

Video Project

Video update -- John couldn't attend so Harry gave a brief report. After script revisions from the University Librarian, the script has gone back to the vendors. Filming is tentatively planned for the fall semester.

RUL @ Rutgers Day 2014

Harry reported that we have two newly appointed RUL @ Rutgers Day 2014 chairs - Erica Parin of RUL Human Resources and Carla Zimmerman of RUL Technical Services. Rebecca Gardner will continue to serve as a co-chair as well. The committee is always happy to have more volunteers.

Summer Projects

Team members shared drafts of prospective ads to promote the Libraries. The team then selected two as their favorites - one focused on the China Boom project (draft by Rose & Steph) and the other highlighting the role of the library as an 'Oasis' for quiet study (draft by Julie & Jean). Harry said that he intends to share all the ideas with Marianne Gaunt.

Team members also contacted CIC libraries to learn about their unique resources, digital projects, and marketing practices. Team members received responses from 8 of 13 libraries contacted. Christine collected all responses and presented a spreadsheet of response data.

New Faculty Orientation & RUL Table?

Michele reported that, as she has been advised, the university has not scheduled a new faculty orientation for fall 2013 as they had in years past.

Next Meetings (revised since Aug. 15th):

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