Minutes for October 24, 2013 Meeting

H. Glazer, G. Sandberg (recording), T. Meyer, J. Madden, J. Still, E. Parin, C. Zimmerman, R. Gardner, R. Barbalace, J. Galt, I. Gallegos, C. Wolff, J. Brennan, D. Roberts

Harry distributed copies of the September 2013 issue of "E-ssentials" to team members. Kudos to Tracey Meyer for her work on this edition of "E-ssentials!"

1) RUL @ Rutgers Day 2014 (C. Zimmerman)

Carla Zimmerman introduced Erica Parin and Rebecca Gardner, who are all co-chairing and helping with preparations for RUL @ Rutgers Day 2014. This subcommittee has a budget of $3000. Zimmerman described plans for tables, tents, and a Big R, three feet tall. The general theme will be circus/carnival. Harry Glazer asked if information about the Health Sciences Libraries could be included in the materials for the tables and tents. Jim Galt joined this discussion. John Brennan asked if it would be possible and practical to include an Instagram contest. This subcommittee will report back to the Marketing/PR team at the January 2014 meeting.

2) Branding Review/Reassessment (R. Barbalace)

Rose Barbalace introduced Ivan Gallegos from the Future Scholars program. Rose reported on Counting Opinions Coding. After reviewing 437 comments from the RUL website survey, Rose, Christine, Ivan, and Harry coded these comments as either positive or negative and arranged the comments as either fitting with the current brand or perhaps, by virtue of number, organically leading us to new brand characteristics. The subcommittee set a threshold of 20 comments overall for viability of a brand characteristic and a ratio of 3:1/positive vs. negative comments for a brand characteristic to be considered strong.


CategoryPositive (+)Negative (-)
Higher education focused46
Essential service52
Friendly service4113
Enriching Knowledge177
Library as quiet place159
Interlibrary Loan170

Harry Glazer asked Jim Galt for his input on how the Health Sciences libraries are perceived by "legacy" patrons; it may be too soon for reliable perceptions from the broader Rutgers community. Rose shared that Cabinet wants to hear regularly from this subcommittee regarding the data collected to date. The team discussed at length how this data should be parsed. Harry asked Julie Still and Jean Madden about the perception of Robeson Library. Jim stated that it might be worthwhile to chart survey comments by month in order to react and remedy outstanding issues.

3) Development Video (J. Brennan)

John Brennan reported on the progress of the development video. The video vendor presented an outline which Marianne Gaunt approved. The vendor subsequently presented a script which needed to be "married" to the outline. After this process was completed, it became apparent that a second day of shooting would be needed, incurring a 20% increase in the overall cost of producing this development video. Approval for this is still pending.

4) Multiyear Marketing Plan Review (H. Glazer)

Harry Glazer reviewed the Multiyear Marketing Plan for the team.

Supporting Goal #1 - Increase press placements in media that appeal to the Libraries primary audiences. There is no data currently available for 2013 press placements. Harry solicited stories and story ideas from team members for placement.

Supporting Goal #2 - Assess Libraries' faculty members communications needs and provide publications for their use as appropriate. Harry asked for volunteers to attend meetings of the User Services Council, Library Resource Council, the Committee on Scholarly Communication, and the Planning and Coordinating Committee. Tracey Meyer offered to help with this.

Supporting Goal #3 - Become a visible partner in all appropriate Rutgers major events on all campuses. Harry asked for reports from attendees at these events. The team discussed the viability of posting major events on Twitter.

Supporting Goal #4 - Continue to assess the validity and salience of the four characteristics of the Libraries brand identity. See 2) above.

Upcoming meetings

Thursday, December 5, 2013 2:30 pm - University Librarian's Conference Room
Thursday, January 23, 2014, 2:30 pm - Place TBD
Thursday, March 6, 2014, 2:30 pm - Place TBD

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