Minutes for December 5, 2013 Meeting

R. Barbalace, H. Glazer (chair), M. Koruth, J. Madden, G. McGarty, T. Meyer (recorder), S. Mikitish, D. Roberts, G. Sandberg, J. Still, M. Tokar, C. Wolff
J. Brennan
L. Langschied, T. Yang

1. H. Glazer introduced new team member Grace McGarty from Kilmer Library's Access Services Department.

2. H. Glazer discussed an email he received from Debra Lucas, a librarian at D'Youville College in Buffalo, NY who is writing a text book on academic library marketing and promotions. She is interested in doing a site visit at RUL, an institution she regards as having a well-developed marketing and promotions plan. The group agreed to meet with her and will hold a committee meeting on the day of her visit, in March.

3. H. Glazer announced that LITA will offer a workshop, Strategic Social Media: Creating Library Community Online, at ALA Mid-Winter in Philadelphia on January 24. T. Meyer agreed to attend on behalf of the group and will report back.

4. T. Meyer reported that the November issue of E-ssentials was prepared and sent out on schedule.

5. R. Barbalace discussed the RUL branding assessment, in relation to the University's and the Libraries' strategic plans. One of the pillars of the Libraries' strategic plan is to improve RUL's image and to position itself within the scholarly community at the university. Enhancing our brand will help increase awareness of the libraries, its services and resources and strengthen our brand identity.

6. H. Glazer reported for J. Brennan that two full days of filming had been completed for the new RUL development video. J. Brennan worked directly with Diversity Marketing and Communications, the firm that was selected from among several vendors who offered proposals for the project. Approximately 20 hours of filming RUL faculty, staff and students in the libraries will result in a 3-4 minute film that will be used for marketing, outreach, and development initiatives.

7. H. Glazer and T. Meyer will attend the December meeting of the User Services Council as part of the team's ongoing outreach to the major councils.

8. M. Tokar presented her analysis of press coverage received by RUL in 2013. She presented a matrix on the source of coverage, whether it was positive or negative and coded for various characteristics, such as technology, space, events, etc. that are part of the RUL "brand."

9. There was a brief discussion on various events scheduled in the libraries during the final exam period. Activities mentioned included holiday card making at LSM on December 12, free coffee at LSM from December 11 through December 23 starting at 8 p.m. until it runs out, and snowflake making and refreshments at Kilmer on December 11.

Next Meeting - Thurs. Jan 23rd at 2:30 pm, at TSB.

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