Minutes for March 6, 2014 Meeting

Rose B., John B., Jim G., Harry G. (chair), Jean M., Tracey M., Steph M. (minutes), Daphne R., Glenn S., Julie S., Michele T., Christine W., Tao Y.
JMary Ann K., Linda L., Grace M., David W.


Development video

John reported that the video is (thankfully) complete. However, he is still receiving questions from the vendor.

There will be 2 versions of the video, the first asking for donations in the credits and the second only showing the credits. Electronic copies allegedly exist, but he is waiting on hard copies on DVD and on a hard drive.

Branding reassessment

Tweet (related to potential brand characteristic)

Harry distributed a patron's unsolicited comment on Twitter, praising ILL's ability to get them a book. This was through the CIC, although the patron did not reference that group.


In order to evaluate the RUL brand Christine & Rose put together a survey and submitted an IRB to collect data on words that patrons (faculty, undergraduate, graduate, other; not staff) associate with the libraries. Rose reminded the group that brand research asks who our users are and how they feel about our services.

Jim, John, and Christine helped pool the words for the survey using comments from previous surveys. There are slightly different wordings for the survey question, depending on if the person taking the survey is a faculty member or student. We are hoping for 100- 390 responses, both electronically and in-person from volunteers at student centers administering the survey on laptops/tablets. John volunteered to help disseminate the survey in student centers.

The IRB has approved the submission, but Rose & Christine are waiting on the official word before they can disseminate the survey.

Christine later sent out the survey to the marketing group. The planned timeline is to collect the data in the spring and analyze it over the summer. So far Rose & Christine have found a dean in SAS who will distribute the survey over their list serv. Julie will check with a Camden Dean. Jim suggested that because the surveys are going out on different list servs it might be useful to track which link on which list serv a person is responding from. Christine will look into that.


A new issue of E-ssentials was released on 2/28/14. Glenn mentioned that the databases featured in the spotlight were not very user friendly, which led to a discussion as to who is choosing the spot lighted services/resources and how one could suggest a service/resource to be featured. Stephanie Bartz & Mei Ling Luo might be able to poll faculty.


Major events @ RU

Because the 3rd goal in the RUL strategic plan is to increase library visibility, Harry asked the group which events were worth attending.

Michele commented on the new faculty orientations that she has attended in the past. While these were good to attend in the past, there have not been any in New Brunswick recently. She is in contact with C. Balinsky, who was in charge of planning them. Theo usually attends these on the libraries' behalf in Camden.

Glenn did not recommend continuing to attend the Alumni Weekend event because the libraries don't do much for alumni. Tao also commented that there is not much traffic at the libraries' table. He also suggested distributing bookmarks that only listed services, which the younger alumni seemed more interested in. Harry suggested having an event for younger alumni with a "soft sell" approach to the libraries.

Many group members recommended continuing to attend the new and transfer student orientations because it is a good time to connect with students and their parents. These are run by Jill Nathanson and are in the summer and winter sessions for the fall and spring semesters, respectively. Other student events that may be looking into are ones for LGBT students.

Harry asked if the involvement fair was a good event to go to, as Lily Todorinova had suggested. Steph did not recommend it because the cramped conditions at the event are not conducive for talking and the libraries do not currently have anything for the students to get involved with besides using the spaces and services.

Jim mentioned that Kerry O'Rourke handles the medical student orientations.

Special reports

ALA preconference on social media

Tabled by Tracey.

Branding references in RU strategic plan

Harry and Glenn discussed 3 parts of the RU strategic plan with which the libraries could align themselves.

The first was on pg. 28 Harry pointed out that the discussion of the core values of the university. The university's commitment to intellectual rigor is similar to our brand characteristic of 'enriching knowledge,' interlibrary loan aligns with serving the local and global community, and friendly service aligns with respect, trust, and transparency.

The second was on pg. 32 where Glenn noted that not only is the RUL 5 year strategic plan aligned with the RU 5 year roadmap for excellence, but also that the preservation of materials and services is aligned with the university's priority of a sustainable world.

The third was on pg. 41 where Harry noted that brands matter at RU, so it is important for the RUL to maintain their brand.

Upcoming meetings

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