Minutes for June 12, 2014 Meeting

John Brennan, Harry Glazer (chair), Kim Kaiser, Julie Madden, Grace McGarty (recorder), Tracey Meyer, Glenn Sandberg, Julie Still, Elizabeth Surles, Christine Wolff
Rose Barbalace, Jim Galt, Mary Ann Koruth, Linda Langschied, Irina Radeva, Daphne Roberts, David Williams, Tao Yang

The committee approved Mary Ann’s minutes from the team’s 4/24/14 meeting.

Social Media Mini-Internship

Harry commended Mary Ann’s successful efforts as the inaugural ‘intern’ handling the RUL Twitter account. Her postings have generated multiple “favorites” and re-tweets of highlighted library activities. Team members are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to monitor and update the Facebook and Twitter accounts for two-week rotations.

RUL Instagram (Harry for Irina)

The goal for next year is to focus initially on internal communication of IJS/ Special Collections and University Archive materials. Two related Rutgers units that currently lack Instagram profiles are the Zimmerli Art Museum and SCI. Creating a partnership with these entities will add value all around.

Elizabeth questioned whether uploading images and content from Special Collections onto Facebook or Instagram will violate copyright regulations. Harry will check with Janice Pilch whether such posts constitute a transformative work issue. The existing Social Media Policy does not address this point. Currently, most posts of Special Collections material are public domain and free of copyright limitations.

Branding Assessment

Christine and Rose presented the RUL survey results to an impressed University Librarians Cabinet at their 5/13/14 meeting.

Christine drafted and forwarded the Branding Assessment Survey Results Executive Summary to Marianne Gaunt on 6/11/14 for approval. It will then go to the Deans who had cooperatively channeled the survey to the faculty and student respondents.

The brand assessment sub-group (Rose, Christine, John, Daphne, Grace and Irina) met 6/5/14 to strategize tasks needed to synthesize and promote the survey results into a cohesive RUL brand.

Rose created a separate Sakai site to track the group’s efforts. Each member will:

  1. Research and post, on Sakai, at least two articles on academic library branding
  2. Read the RUL Strategic Plan – synthesize key goals into branding objectives
  3. Translate survey results into a unique brand statement (phrase, sentence, bullet point format)

The group will create prototypes (notecard, bookmark) of proposed branding statements. Rose and Christine will distribute these samples at internal library staff committee meetings this summer for additional input and approval.

The goal is to finalize and introduce the branding statement at the State of the Libraries program in November.

The following Marketing/PR team members will research and post at least 2 commercials and 2-4 print ads of corporate advertising that creatively depict the top ten adjectives culled from the RUL survey.

Christine will create and provide a link to this Google Doc page to post relevant ad search results. All commercials and ads should be posted and available for viewing by the next full committee meeting on August 21st.

Glenn raised the issue of comparing RUL branding of collections and services with other peer and aspirant university libraries. Christine already developed a list/rank of university libraries (i.e. CICS, public, AAU Libraries) to use as a grid for marketing purposes.


Harry distributed copies of the most recently updated Alumni brochure. The new version references digital projects and resources now accessible to alumni. Elizabeth will contact the Alumni Association in Newark to share this information. Julie will contact the Camden branch.

Glenn suggested putting the new RUL promotional video on electronic message boards. Possible venues for this idea include new student move-in weekends, orientation sessions, the university’s mobile site and the RU YouTube channel. Harry will refer the mobile app concept to Mary Ann for investigation. Currently, the mobile app has difficulty with linking users to news stories.

John and Harry will draft a letter for Marianne Gaunt’s review regarding accessibility of the video by internal staff.

Next Meetings:

August 21, 2014 and September 18th - 2:30 @ TSB Conference Room

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