Minutes for August 21, 2014 Meeting

Rose Barbalace, John Brennan (recorder), Harry Glazer (chair), Kim Kaiser, Mary Ann Koruth, Linda Langschied, Megan Lotts (guest), Grace McGarty, Tracey Meyer, Irina Radeva, Daphne Roberts, Glenn Sandberg, Julie Still, Elizabeth Surles, Michele Tokar, Christine Wolff
Jane Madden, Jim Galt, David Williams, Tao Yang

News from the Chair

Harry announced Megan Lotts, Erica Parin, Robert Krack, and Pam Hargwood are the Libraries’ co-chairs for Rutgers Day 2015.

Harry introduced Megan Lotts who, along with co-chairing Rutgers Day 2015, will oversee Scarlet Knight Days for RUL in New Brunswick/Piscataway in September. Megan said she is excited about Rutgers Day and looks to build upon approaches and activities which have proven popular in the past. She said new ideas and perspectives are always welcome and encouraged people to send suggestions to her.

Megan said a variety of events are planned for the upcoming Scarlet Knight Days. Among them will be handing out treats (via a pushcart) to students in their workspaces, a performance on Douglass by the Sam Tobias Quartet (son of RUL’s Carla Zimmerman), a possible appearance by the Scarlet Knight at Alexander Library, and the Art Library block party on September 10. Megan also mentioned the Student Involvement Fair will be held on Voorhees Mall on September 5 and she is actively recruiting volunteers to assist.

Harry updated the team on a few additional items:

Branding Reassessment Update

Christine and Rose updated the team on the Brand Reassessment sub-committee’s work. Rose said a SAKAI site has been established, numerous articles describing the experiences of other libraries brand assessments have been gathered and reviewed, and an action plan has been developed. Rose and Christine will meet with the User Services Committee on August 28 to present the results of the brand survey, provide an update on the project, and discuss potential methods of internal promotion. They will meet with other committees in September. Rose said November’s State of the Libraries would provide a good opportunity to further share the team’s work with the larger RUL community. Additionally, Rose and Christine co-authored an article outlining our brand reassessment process for NJLA’s fall newsletter.

Christine said internal branding language is being developed based upon the survey results. It is critical this language supports already published documents like the RUL Strategic Plan. The sub-committee drafted a handout for faculty and staff which outlines our brand attributes in a concise and aesthetically pleasing way. The group discussed minor edits/suggestions including removal of any negative language, including a QR code, using Rutgers colors wherever possible, eliminating hyphenated words, and adding graphics. Christine said the sub-committee will consider all the recommendations and create a revised version.

Exemplar Advertisements

Team members were previously tasked with finding a variety of advertisements used by other organizations which re-enforce RUL’s ten primary brand attributes. The intent is to spark creative ideas on how we can use subtle brand reminders on our website and in physical locations throughout RUL. The team reviewed advertisements for seven of these attributes (useful, accessible, convenient, easy to use, friendly, quiet, essential). Advertisements for remaining three will be reviewed at the next meeting (safe, informative, organized).

RUL Development Video

John said a minor edit to the narration of the RUL Development Video is in process. It is expected to be completed by the end of August.

Next Meeting

September 18, 2014 – 2:30, TSB Conference Room
(Note: This meeting was subsequently postponed).

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