Validation Method of Potential Branding Ideas (Draft)

Through a series of meetings with faculty and staff the Brand Sub-Committee generated 136 potential branding ideas for the Libraries. The committee reviewed the list and narrowed them down to those which were most often discussed during the brainstorming sessions, offer good branding potential and (presumably) provide an accurate reflection of who we are and what we do. The next step is to validate the most promising ideas through a survey with our patrons.

We discussed possible validation approaches with Professor Marya Doerfel from SCILS. She agreed that given what we are trying to achieve the methodology we are suggesting is a viable solution. She also agreed that the threshold of responses we are targeting is reasonable.

Five major sub-groups of patrons were identified to survey. They are:

The objective is to get responses from at least 15 members of each sub-group (a grand total of 75 responses). A survey will be distributed and feedback gathered from each sub-group. The survey will list 16 two or three word terms which can be used to describe the Libraries. The responders will be asked their opinion of each term as it relates to the Libraries (Agree, Neutral, Disagree). The potential of each term to use as part of a branding strategy has been determined, but will not be shared with the responders. The objective is to discover if our most promising ideas resonate with our patrons. We've categorized the terms from the survey as follows:

Although the survey for each participant will be the same, the method of distributing and gathering the results will slightly differ among the sub-groups.

Once the targeted number of surveys are received the Brand Sub-Committee will review the responses and ascertain if the most promising branding suggestions resonate with those surveyed. Once again since we are performing a simple validation rather than trying to exact specific data, the sample size we are using can be considered fairly representative. If, as expected, our most promising suggestions are validated through this process we can move forward with formal recommendations.

Branding Terms Included on the Survey

Strong Potential

Good Potential

Moderate Potential

Low Potential

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