Media Team: Charge

USC Goal:Evolve liaison roles and responsibilities to meet the emerging multimedia needs of the university community.
Activity:Reconstitute the Media Team with a new charge focused on coordinating efforts related to media access and collections.
LRC Objective:  Explore new possibilities for effective collective collection development.

The Media Team, attending holistically to collection and service issues across different areas of responsibility since 2011, has already established a well-functioning technical infrastructure, capable of digitizing and streaming locally, as well as acquiring in a timely fashion any type of media. It is time to reorganize and move forward into new areas.


Support RUL liaisons in responding at the highest level to media needs in research and the curriculum by addressing a wide range of collections and service issues, including the following:

1. Establish (and update as the media environment evolves) an overarching collection development and management policy and framework to help selectors determine what media formats to acquire given playback quality, format changes, funding, cost, rights and availability.

2. Devise a coordinated approach to funding RUL media collections that improves on current practice, including the use of the Reserves procedure and funds to assure that instructors have access to titles they need for coursework; the use of funds assigned to individual selectors to take advantage of multi-title discounts for physical and streaming media; and the use of the Library Resources Council E- resources team to select online streaming media titles.

3. Collaborate with media partners including NJVID and the VALE Digital Media Committee, and participate in media-related professional activities including ALA's Video Roundtable and the National Media Market conference.

4. Provide ongoing education (workshops, demonstrations, communication) for selectors on user needs, information sources, methods of acquiring media, and specific platforms and packages. Educate users about the availability and features of multimedia resources at events including the annual Rutgers COHLIT Conference.

There are many issues of policy and procedure impacted by these collection/service streams. The Media Team will report to USC, and consult with LRC as appropriate. The Media Team will solicit guidance on workflow priorities from USC and LRC, and will take policies and procedures it develops to those Councils for review and approval as needed.


Liaisons from disciplinary areas across the organization, staff from TAS Acquisitions, DTS, and Access Services.

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