Minutes for March 1, 2011 Meeting

Jane Otto (chair), Isaiah Beard, Vibiana Cvetkovic, Tibor Purger, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Mary Beth Weber
Michelle Oswell, Eileen Stec


The group agreed to a standing meeting once a month. J. Otto reviewed the membership, charge and her follow-up emails from sponsors Grace Agnew and Tom Izbicki, indicating additional priorities. G. Agnew has defined the scope of the Team's work as 1) commercially licensed media, 2) locally produced media, 3) video tutorials, and 4) video/audio reserves. From a workflow standpoint, one might define three categories: 1) commercially licensed materials, 2) locally produced materials (originals to be preserved) and 3) batchloaded record sets. The Sakai site has been set up, and documents for each meeting will be posted in the Resources section under the meeting date.

J. Otto reviewed changes in TAS personnel and responsibilities: Mary Belinsky and Rob Hilliker will no longer be on staff; Carla manages batchloads; J. Otto will take on all ordering for her section.

The group reviewed the Decisions and Action Items document from the August 10, 2010 meeting, before the Team was reconstituted. The technical subteam slated to resolve authentication issues for commercially licensed streaming video (e.g., Journey to Planet Earth) includes Tibor Purger (chair), Rich Sandler, Nick Gonzaga, Isaiah Beard, and Dave Hoover; an interim solution is in place. The Streaming Media Request form remains in progress. The ordering subteam will include Jane Otto, Mary Beth Weber, Gracemary Smulewitz, and Jane Sloan. The last action item (setup of a notification mechanism through which NJVid would alert TAS when files have been ingested) is still outstanding. All other action items were completed.

J. Otto noted two clarifications added to the Guidelines for Summary of All Projects Spreadsheet: Bib records for videos hosted on a vendor platform do not go to OCLC. IRIS records go to LTI for authority processing unless they are part of a batch load exceeding 1,000 records, or unless indicated otherwise.

NJVid Update and Technical Subteam. (T. Purger)

NJEdge gave a presentation to upper management two weeks ago, including a demo, roadmap, and discussion of offerings and pricing. Although the infrastructure is solid, the product lacked sufficient granularity, and authentication/authorization functions; set up was difficult and the price was high. RUL will participate until the fall, and begin paying then, till the New Year. The NJVid Board did not support the initiative. RUL is preparing and is funded to host streaming videos; the technical team is reconvening and will work on access restrictions and a storage solution. RUL will be issuing an RFP for networked storage. It must be built by May 30, and will be much larger than what NJVid is planning. T. Purger requested the Media Team 1) estimate the volume of streaming acquisitions which will be served over the next five years; and 2) provide a list of titles currently in NJVid that would require migration. NJVid will not necessarily go away, but a new service offering and pricing plan would have to be proposed.

NJVid Vale Consortium Purchases and NJVid Notification (J. Sloan). Issues requiring further work include export, vendor/purchase order synchronization and integration with SIRSI, and problems of collection/subcollection structure. These are things we would want to look at in our build. Vale requested purchase projections and Tom Izbicki submitted a commitment form for a small number of titles ($5,000) from five vendors. Probably these have already been ingested and are available in NJVid now. More money is available, according to T. Izbicki. He would have to talk to Vale about our arrangement with these vendors.

Tracking of Acquisitions/Terms/Rights. (J. Otto)

J. Otto will set up an Ordering Subteam (J. Otto, J. Sloan, G. Smulewitz, and M.B. Weber) to resolve the following issues:

Monograph/Firm Order Request Form and Streaming Video form. (J. Otto)

J. Otto submitted drafts of these forms to the LRC chair for distribution and review. The Ordering subteam will work with T. Purger on order requests, allowing selectors to choose between print, media and electronic. Electronic would include e-monographs, e-serials, databases, and streaming media (commercial or local productions). The forms will be developed in consultation with their users, and in light of the faculty conference toolkit G. Agnew has asked J. Otto to develop.

Streaming Videos in IRIS. (J. Otto)

A new item type has been established for streaming videos which enables retrieval of all streaming videos in a single IRIS search. IRIS sorting and displays continue to be problematic.

Disposition of temporary disc copies (e.g., Ambrose Shakespeare) (J. Otto)

Temporary copies of digital video files are sometimes delivered to cataloging on a disc to expedite processing. I. Beard recommended destroying the disc once cataloging is complete.

Sale of individual "cuts" from databases to libraries; tracking bits & pieces of what once were objects or databases. (T. Izbicki)

Deutsche Grammophone already is selling tracks from recordings, and Alexander Street is starting to do something similar for digital videos. This can be addressed as encountered. This is not a new challenge for cataloging; it has historically been a problem with media materials, including analog. We will cross this bridge when we come to it.

The following issues were tabled till the next meeting.


  1. Determine volume of potential acquisitions (J. Sloan)
  2. Provide inventory of RU titles in NJVid and being digitized for NJVid (I. Beard)
  3. Set up meeting with Order Subteam of J. Sloan, J. Otto, G. Smulewitz, M.B. Weber (J. Otto)
  4. Set up Order Subteam in Sakai (J. Otto)
  5. Draft faculty toolkit plan for review by Order Subteam (J. Otto)
  6. Set up Order Subteam meeting with T. Purger about branching form (J. Otto)
  7. Discuss NJVid purchase projections, commitment form, and transcoding with Tom I. (J. Sloan)

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