Minutes for June 7, 2011 Meeting

Jane Otto (chair), Michelle Oswell, Tibor Purger, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Eileen Stec, Mary Beth Weber
Isaiah Beard, Vibiana Cvetkovic

New member (J. Otto)

Matt Gallagher, who will join the Media and Music Cataloging Section of Central Technical Services this month, will be added as a member to the Media Team and its Ordering Subteam.

Linking Policy (J. Otto)

J. Otto received a request to add a YouTube link to a bib record in the Library Catalog. As a result, she has been tasked to document a policy for adding links to bib records, and has been working on it with Elizabeth Leister. There may have been some policies earlier, but they are no longer on the Central Technical Services website or T drive archive. G. Smulewitz will ask Cathy Pecoraro if she is aware of a policy and will forward any information to J. Otto. There is also the possibility of developing a new form, or revising the form for 'free' electronic request form, to accommodate media materials. That form is on the Technical Services web site under E-resources.

Rights management (G. Smulewitz)

J. Sloan's ProCite database was loaded on G. Smulewitz's computer and she is reviewing the data. In the meantime, RUL Intern Gideon Thompson is reading licenses of various kinds, extracting common elements and areas of concern or needing interpretation. His findings will be used to create a template for loading data into the ERMS and/or a hidden collection in the WMS.

G. Smulewitz has learned of a free open source Drupal-based ERMS which can link usage information to ILS holdings. The system is designed by the Florida Center for Library Automation, can be used for all formats of materials, and was discussed at the recent NASIG conference. She is downloading the prototype to test and assess, and will discuss findings with IIS.

IRIS displays (J. Otto)

J. Otto reported on the email exchange last month with M. Gaunt, J. Sloan, M.B. Weber, and G. Agnew about IRIS access issues for media and other materials. G. Agnew recommended holding off on investigating major changes to SIRSI, so J. Otto did not contact LIS chair Chris Sterback to initiate discussions with LIS. However, one consequence of the email discussion was that Mary Fetzer appointed J. Otto to IPAC. J. Deodato has also been appointed to that Committee.

NJVid (J. Otto)

J. Otto emailed G. Agnew requesting a meeting with her and T. Purger to discuss the status of NJVid and any RUL streaming platform; she is awaiting a reply. The Media Team would like clarification on RUL's plans for NJVid and the streaming platform. There is also some confusion about the relationship between the Mellon-funded OLE project and the VALE OLS project.

Ordering Subteam (J. Otto)

J. Otto has set up the Ordering Workflow business analysis for August 3, and will ask Charlotte Toke to join the meeting as well.

The Ordering Subteam will meet Friday, June 10, to address its action items.

It was noted that J. Sloan sometimes receives copies of licenses, and occasionally purchases are made with click-through licenses. All click-through licenses should be funneled to DTS, where they are worked on with Tom Izbicki. G. Smulewitz has not received any media license agreements; it's unclear where the licenses are going. J. Otto will add this topic to the Ordering Subteam agenda.

M.B. Weber, J. Otto, and Kati Ritter reviewed the NJVid purchasing workflow and will sort out the details at the Ordering Subteam meeting, Friday, June 10. They will be joined by Chris Sterback.

J. Otto drafted an Ordering Subteam handout based on the RUL E-Books Team document, for review by the Ordering Subteam Friday. It was noted that the bulleted list of required information included items that would not be known to the selector at the point of the order request. This will be discussed Friday. Processes to accommodate persons with disabilities could be incorporated into the form once those processes, and responsibilities for them, are determined. Extensive discussion ensued, the main points being:

Video reserves

J. Sloan asked about the status of video reserves. Dave Hoover was part of a team working on this, but it was waiting on the server. J. Sloan will send T. Purger some information so he can check on the status of this project and report back.

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