Minutes for October 4, 2011 Meeting

Jane Otto (chair), Isaiah Beard, Vibiana Cvetkovic, Matt Gallagher, Michelle Oswell, Tibor Purger, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Eileen Stec, Mary Beth Weber

September 6 meeting minutes and follow-up

Technical Team report

Earlier progress had been impeded (April-August) by changing guidance from administration as to whether or not to build out our own streaming platform. Current plan is augmentation of original mandate. VMC site's slowness created impetus; I. Beard/C. Mills findings produced plan. IIS now has a go-ahead and money will be available. It will take one month to build out; no RFP is required.

Order form specs

M. Oswell distributed specs doc for discussion. J. will provide Media specs. M. Oswell will tweak the document, using the form for serials, with a large area for notes, upload to Sakai site with notification to Tibor. Both physical and streaming media materials will need a prompt for rights information. A radio button for "Rights apply to this purchase," when selected, could open text box for link. J. Pilch should be included in this discussion.

There was some discussion of accommodations for students with disabilities. Springer, EBSCO, Wilson, and major publishers have capability to accommodate necessary software applications and we can work with publishers. E. Stec will provide a description of criteria in order to converse with publishers. I. Beard will create links to test accessibility of devices. V. Cvetkovic can assist with this and will contact E. Stec.

Update on RUcore metadata projects status and conference toolkit (M. Gallagher)

The conference toolkit is now listed as a goal within the strategic plan by both CISC and CSC. At the recent CISC meeting Grace clarified P. Konin's role: he will be responsible for streaming media projects and his project list already includes (some of) them. J. Otto, M. Gallagher, and I. Beard met to discuss conference proceedings workflows, etc. M. Gallagher and I. Beard have determined constants for technical metadata. Rights documents are in progress (working with Janice Pilch). M. Gallagher is maintaining streaming media status documents in revised spreadsheets, with a separate sheet for conferences. Workflow and conference toolkit for conferences will initially be limited to RUL sponsored conferences. J. Otto, M. Gallagher, and I. Beard will meet with R. Sandler to incorporate his workflow. P. Konin's project management document includes a place to designate Project Manager and Metadata Manager but those roles need to be defined.

Video loans to NJVid

The group discussed possible formal mechanisms to loan DVDs to NJVid (specifically Sujay Daniel and Abhishek Hedge) for transcoding. J. Sloan will talk to J. Reinhart, who can work it out with J. Gardner; then she will report back. Camden and Newark loans should also be addressed.

Rights information from SIRSI order records (J. Otto/J. Sloan)

J. Otto will move this agenda item to the Ordering Subteam meeting agenda.

October 20 Faculty Forum on Video in the Curriculum

The group discussed additional outreach for this, including to C. Maher and RUL's Graduate School of Education contacts (G. Agnew), New Brunswick Faculty Council (G. Springs), RUL's E-ssentials Newsletter , and the Teaching Excellence Center. J. Otto will follow up.

Action Items

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