Minutes for June 5, 20122 Meeting

Isaiah Beard, Kayo Denda (recorder), Matt Gallagher, Michelle Oswell, Jane Otto (chair), Tibor Purger, Megan Ruszala, Mary Beth Weber
Vibiana Bowman (technical difficulties), Gracemary Smulewitz, Jane Sloan (sabbatical)

Representation of the Media Team on RUL committees page

Jane Otto will contact Sam MacDonald to have the Media Team represented on the RUL page. Jane distributed the RUL Media Team founding charge and will distribute a list of outstanding action items prior to the next meeting. In order to set priorities, she solicited the members to review the two documents and provide feedback at the next meeting.

Technical Team Report

Tibor reported that the new WOWZA media server was ordered and it is expected to arrive before the end of June 2012. This server will fulfill RUL needs for streaming media development and production. Hosting of streaming content will require some further development. Tibor estimates the server to be available ~mid August 2012. This platform can handle licensing content.

The Multimedia Technology Team's responsibilities have now expanded beyond the Media Team; for example it is involved with an RFP for new video conferencing software at TLH, SCC, Alexander Library. In collaboration with other Rutgers academic units and OIT, this update will include a type of "bridge" software that has the ability to link the video conference to personal computers. The TLH is expected to remain open for public events during this update.

Meeting with Rich Novak, COHLIT

Jane Otto reported on a meeting with Rich Novak that she attended with Grace. The COHLIT is pursuing a streaming media platform in order to embed the videos onto their e-college courseware.

Strategic Plan Meeting with Jeanne Boyle and Tom Izbicki

Jeanne and Tom called a meeting (5/29/2012) to ask the Media Team for details and clarifications on media and strategic planning. Jane Otto and Jane Sloan created a response memo with talking points which Jeanne and Tom will present for Cabinet.

In order to best move forward in the media related areas, it will be helpful to have:

Media Order Team

The Media Order Team met on 5/15. Please see agenda.

Intellect Platform. Tibor mentioned that his unit is interested in Intellect platform, a project management software, to facilitate handling complex video related processes/tasks.

Journey to Planet Earth. Jane will forward the acquisitions history to Matt and Kalaivani so claims can be put on the SIRSI records (when rights are about to expire) and Kalaivani can take down the files from RUcore.

Masterclass Media Foundation DVDs. With the arrival of the WOWZA server, we will finally be able to stream these DVDs with perpetual streaming rights. The workflow will be as follows:

  1. Michelle will send the DVDs to Isaiah.
  2. Isaiah will transcode the content.
  3. After the streaming files are created, Matt will catalog the electronic resource.

Matt will meet with Gracemary, Cathy and Megan to discuss ways to express rights issues in the ERMS.

Media Ordering

Michelle presented a single form that can handle orders for resources in all formats. Michelle will follow through with IIS, then she, Mary Beth, and Gracemary will present it for discussion at LRC and Collection Analysis Group.

Until the above form is approved and goes "live," the "Media Ordering Team" will continue to receive media order requests on the Monograph/Firm Order Request Form. Jane will configure the listserv and notify Mary Beth who will then announce the "Media Ordering Team" to the LRC and also to the selectors. Once the listserv is set up, Mary Beth and Megan will forward Monograph/Firm Order Request Forms there, rather than to Matt and Charlotte.

With its mission accomplished, the Media Order Team was disbanded; any ordering issues will be incorporated into the full Media Team meetings.

RUL Created Reproductions

As interim media librarian, Kayo called a special meeting on May 21, 2012 to clarify the workflow of RUL created DVD reproductions. Jane Otto will distribute the resulting revised workflow.

Jazz Oral Histories Project
Isaiah reported on the status of the Jazz Oral History Project. The 120 oral histories will be available digitally but its access/use will be limited due to copyright issues.

Dynamic List of Streaming Titles

Discussion of this enhancement to the Library Catalog was tabled until Jane Sloan is available to participate; she returns from sabbatical July 1.

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