Minutes for September 19, 2012 Meeting

Kalaivani Ananthan (sitting in for Tibor Purger), Isaiah Beard, Kayo Denda, Matt Gallagher, Jane Otto (Chair), Megan Ruszala (recorder), Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz
Jan Reinhart, Bob Warwick
Mary Beth Weber

Minutes distribution and roster changes (J. Otto)

Decision was made to distribute Media Team minutes to RUL_Everyone.
Roster changes: Michelle Oswell has accepted a new position and will no longer be with Rutgers.
Vibiana Bowman has stepped down; there has yet to be a point person selected from Camden to serve on the Media Team. J. Otto will work with S. McDonald to update the RUL Committee page.

Technical Team update (K. Ananthan for T. Purger)

Wowza server is being installed and tested; Journey to Planet Earth could be the test subject. The Tech. Team is looking at:

Media conferencing is being tested: video recording, video on demand, streaming. This type of conferencing would allow anyone who can't attend a meeting the ability to connect from their desktop, and/or record meetings on their desktop. However, they would only have the ability to watch and listen, but not interact. An RFP has begun for the TLH Conference Room in Alex.

Media Booking request button in catalog (R. Warwick and J. Otto)

A Media Booking button has been added to library catalog record displays for most audio and video materials. Recall, EZ borrow, and Article Delivery buttons have been eliminated for Media materials, as part of a broader effort to make buttons more context-sensitive.
Clicking the Media Booking button brings you to the booking request form. Currently the form must be completed by the patron, but there is hope that ultimately it will be auto-populated based on Net ID and item request info; this process is not yet ready, but is being investigated.

Media Booking button only appears if the item has a Media Desk assigned to it. Currently no Media Desk is assigned to items in Art, Jazz, SMLR, Spcol, Annex, and Gov Doc collections.
J. Sloan will talk to these libraries to first find out whether they they want the 'Media Booking' button, and if so, if they want to handle booking themselves or have booking go through the Media Center or another library which already handles booking (Dana, Music). Art Library will use the Media Center media desk and the Annex will have no media desk since these items should remain locally.

Media Desk reports are sent to a person(s) who then pull requested items. Changes to Media Desk assignments by cataloging staff would require changes to circulation status, cataloging procedures, and booking workflows.

Follow-up from August, 2011 workflows meeting (J. Otto)

NJVid workflow is in place. A workflow is also in place for Rutgers events videorecorded for deposit in RUcore; however, the service has not yet been publicized. Resource and cost recovery issues were raised in Cabinet, but Central Technical Services continues to receive requests to deposit videorecorded events in RUcore and these are handled through the RUcoreEvents _MediaTeam according to the workflow.

The goal of the August, 2011, workflows meeting was to document all media workflows. Seven types have been identified:

  1. Commercial titles hosted by NJVid *
  2. Commercial titles locally hosted on the Wowza server
  3. ommercial titles hosted on vendor server (e.g., Alexander Street Press)
  4. RU Core titles exclusive of conference proceedings
  5. Videorecorded conference proceedings in RUcore *
  6. Physical media acquired with streaming rights
  7. Physical media without streaming rights

*already documented

J. Maguire took extensive notes at the workflow meeting and there was a follow-up meeting of the Media Team with T. Izbicki, G. Agnew, R. Marker, and others [K. Hartman, L. Mullen, and K. Ananthan]. J. Otto will redistribute notes from that meeting. J. Otto, with M. Gallagher, will review J. Maguire notes in light of changes to the ordering process, and propose next steps. RUcore workflow documentation will not be established by the RUL Media Team as part of this process.

Licensing/ERMS issues

J. Sloan suggested prioritizing physical media purchased with streaming rights which are not in perpetuity. D. Roberts is compiling a list of titles that can be streamed once the Wowza server is ready and will report at the October 2 Media Team meeting.

J. Otto, G. Smulewitz, and M. Gallagher will meet to discuss stewardship of handling licenses.

Agenda items moved to next meeting

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