Minutes for October 2, 2012 Meeting

Jane Otto (chair), Isaiah Beard, Matt Gallagher, Gracemary Smulewitz, Kayo Denda, Daphne Roberts (guest), Mary Beth Weber, Megan Ruszala, Jane Sloan (recorder)
Tibor Purger

Media Booking button follow-up (J. Sloan and J. Otto)

Certain collections are absent the new 'media booking button' in the catalog record because they are not assigned to a 'Media Desk.' Special Collections, the Jazz Institute, Government Documents, Art, and SMLR were identified and queried subsequent to the meeting as to whether or not they wanted their collections identified as materials subject to media circulation/booking. The first three declined. Art and SMLR will participate and become identified with the Media Center 'Media Desk' for booking purposes.

Streaming rights for physical media already purchased

D. Roberts presented the work she has completed in contacting distributors regarding streaming rights we may have obtained in the process of purchasing physical media. Her spreadsheet included distributor, streaming terms and costs, technical terms and notes, DVD upgrade information for owned videocassettes, and date and name of contact. The Media Team found this to be a helpful 'snapshot' of available scenarios for obtaining streaming rights for owned physical media, but felt that it needs more individual title information to follow through with actually creating streaming files of titles already in the collection.

Licensing and ERMS issues

Because some of the terms uncovered by Roberts are informal and subject to change, the committee moved to a discussion of a 'License Template' that RUL could use in confirming terms with distributors who do not offer a license agreement of their own; this is in current development. M. Gallagher and C. Pecoraro will draft the template and expect to report at the next Media Team meeting. At that point next steps will be determined regarding who should vet (legal, etc.), and best process for negotiating and formalizing contracts. Probably this will be a Word document/template on letterhead, which eventually will reside on the T: drive. Controls will be used for notifications of renewals, and other related actions.

Discussion then followed regarding priorities of this material; cost (particularly rights obtained at no cost) came first, followed by terms (perpetual or limited) and use stats. Roberts and Sloan will complete their preliminary project and create a final report for delivery to the Media Order Team next month. From now on, any media order may involve a request from the selector that the Media Order Team pursue streaming rights. (J. Otto will add Cathy Pecoraro to the Media Order Team, which is currently composed of Gracemary Smulewitz, Mary Beth Weber, Megan Ruszala, Matthew Gallagher, and Jane Otto.)

M.B. Weber will announce the Media Ordering Team to LRC and the selectors (New Brunswick Faculty Council) at their October meetings, then to RUL-Everyone.

M.B. Weber and G. Smulewitz will take the order form information to LRC and the CAG and report back in November.

G. Smulewitz is revisiting the ERMS at DTS in the context of the forthcoming ILS, Valid. Licensing information does need to be centralized.

VALE update (VALE Digital Media Committee)

J. Sloan reported that Gracemary Smulewitz is now on the committee; it will be meeting later in the Fall.

Knowledge Network Report

J. Sloan briefly reported on the Knowledge Network, a pilot project begin managed by Brent Smith from RUTV. Funded by the NSF through George Mason University, Rutgers participation allows broadcast-quality video content to educational institutions via Internet2. Smith is seeking content that he will load into a cloud-based content management system already provided and available for use.

Agenda items moved to next meeting

Minutes next meeting: G. Smulewitz

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