Minutes for December 4, 2012 Meeting

I. Beard, K. Denda, M. Gallagher, J. Otto, T. Purger, M. Ruszala, J. Sloan, G. Smulewitz (recorder), M. Weber


Minutes of the last meeting were distributed by Jane Sloan and comments will be accepted until 12/7/2012. The January meeting was cancelled. J. Otto will put PowerPoint, minutes, and agendas on Sakai site.

Meeting reports

Portal meeting, October 9

J. Otto met with G. Agnew, L. Sun, and T. Yang about access to discuss practical use of portals and the RUanalytic, especially for the China Boom and equine behavior videos. G. Agnew has created an extensive "how to" guide for RUAnalytics. Otto has created a short version (1 page) guide for immediate use. The guide will link to search portals. Analytics can be published in RUcore; currently this must go through C. Mills. Once an analytic has been published in RUcore, it becomes part of the scholarly record and can't be edited. The analytic was also discussed as a way to handle lengthy oral histories, by compiling highlight reels for publication in RUcore.

Streaming Services meeting, November 12

J. Otto and T. Purger met with G. Agnew and C. Mills to discuss the idea of a common repository portal (not branded "RUcore") to centralize access to all streaming videos to which we have streaming rights: reserves, "clip reels" under the aegis of reserves, and commercial streaming video. (The RUcore portal would provide access to RUcore videos.) This will allow us to use the portal tools with any streaming video, and all portals would have access to RUanalytic. The SIRSI record would link to this repository portal.

OIT has ceased funding NJVID and the cost has been assumed by M. Gaunt. Questions arose about the relationship between NJEdge and NJVID. J. Sloan explained that NJVID is the technical end for NJEdge and provides the repository services for video streaming and that NJVID works with VALE for licensing of videos and video collections.

LRC meeting, November 15

J. Otto and T. Purger presented a streaming video update at the November 15th LRC meeting, informing council members of the operational aspects and potential streaming video opportunities with the new WOWZA server along with the possibilities with RUcore Analytics. They repeated their presentations at this meeting, and included a demonstration of the RUAnalytic. The presentation also included the functionality from the end user's perspective. The WOWZA server should be ready for use by January 3rd, 2012. It was noted that the Newark and Institute of Jazz Studies oral histories will be put into RUcore.

VALE Digital Media Committee

G. Smulewitz is now on the Committee but has not yet attended a meeting. The new chair is from a community college. NJVid in October released its step-by-step process guide; G. Smulewitz will add it to the Sakai site.

Other Videos

The Team was reminded that UMDNJ has many videos and as part of the merger, exploration along with consideration to their management. Also, Government Documents also has many videos. M. Gallagher will contact Stephanie Bartz to learn more about the collection and how it is managed. Gallagher will report back to the Team on his findings.

Videos on the Library Website

T. Purger, Y. Lin and S. McDonald are attempting to develop a "What's New in Video" organized by subject classification with the intentions of replacing the Procite list. The project has been postponed due to other pressing obligations. The Team discussed the current categorizations of all Indexes and Databases. Members felt that the configuration needed evaluation to determine where video fit in and how they should be represented.


J. Otto will write and distribute the minutes from the workflow meeting.

At the WOWZA meeting, it was decided to change the Art and SMLR media desks to the main Douglass Media Desk. B. Warwick needs to be informed of the change and Cataloging documentation will be updated.


The agenda item of order form update and current ordering workflow was tabled due to other pressing issues.

The Media Ordering Team announcements were distributed at LRC and NBCG. M.B. Weber will place Team info on T. Izbicki's page and announce it to RUL-Everyone.


The Team reviewed the Women Makes Movies License as a representative of video licensing. Some problems with the license were brought to everyone's attention. Questions were raised related to the license restrictions on format changes that are required to keep material accessible. Also clauses about re-negotiations were worrisome. Smulewitz will look at a few VALE licenses to determine what acceptable terms might be and will report back to the Team.

G.M. Smulewitz, M. Gallagher, and C. Pecoraro will meet about the license template and report at the February meeting.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/media_team/minutes/media_team_12_12_04.shtml
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