Minutes for July 2, 2013 Meeting

Isaiah Beard, Kayo Denda (recorder), Matt Gallagher, Jane Otto, Tibor Purger, Megan Ruszala, Jane Sloan)
Mary Beth Weber and Gracemary Smulewitz

Technical Team Update (Tibor)

Chad and Ashwin found the LDAP authentication solution to the WOWZA Server for students accessing media reserve material. Students will be able to access their media reserve material using NETID/password only, without the additional username/password combination. This one-step solution does not apply for the course instructor, who will continue to be assigned a specific username/password combination to access the course material. Expected implementation: September 2013.

WOWZA will be incorporated into RuCore in December 2013 release, streamlining the operation.

Planning meeting update (Jane Otto)

Matt prepared a draft PPT with the meeting outline. Status: in progress.

NJVID tool in Sakai (Jane Sloan)

Tabled for next meeting.

Video services on OIRT homepage (Jane Sloan)

Jane S was able to include 2 slides on Media Center services on OIRT and SAKAI homepages, increasing visibility to these specialized library services to the university community.

Swank (Jane Otto and Jane Sloan)

Jane S received an endorsement from the USC to investigate the possibility to bring in Swank, feature film distributor and public performance licensing agent, into the RUL environment. The Swank material workflow might be similar to the ILL workflow. Jane S will reach out to Judy Gardner on this issue. She is preparing a white paper to present at the July 18, 2013 LRC meeting and will share the draft of the white paper with the Media Team.

Jane S will also bring to the LRC the complexities of streaming video licensing. The streaming license (3yrs) of the "Journey to Planet Earth, " a 11 video documentary collection, expires on July 21, 2013. Handling this type of material, especially licensing issues, is a departure from the libraries' traditional operations that needs immediate attention.

Matt will ask Chris Sterback for the possibility to produce a report on a list of feature films checked out for RESERVE. If this extraction is possible, the data will help determine the volume of feature films assigned to courses, leading to the justification to work with Swank.

Research Services and the Media Team (re: Ryan Womack 6/20/13 email) (Jane Otto)

The "Research Services Report" distributed by Ryan Womack, faculty coordinator, included "Capturing Presentations and Conferences" as one of the "Leadership Services" at RUL. A fully working workflow already exists for presentations hosted at SCC-TLH and some presentations have been captured, ingested in RUcore, and represented in library catalog.

Tibor noted that a new video presentation integrated system ($250,000; first at Rutgers) will be installed at SCC-TLH sometime soon. This system has attractive functionalities, including the potential to be fully integrated with Zimbra and Bookroom. Once functional, captured video can be immediately streamed to desktops and mobile devices. The recorded content can be ingested onto RUcore or delivered on demand. Current workflow for capturing presentation will most likely undergo revision after the new system is in place. The Multimedia Technology Team works on this project (members: Tibor, Isaiah, Rich, James, and Nick Gonzaga). Jane Otto will schedule a meeting with the team to revise the presentation capture workflow.

Tibor also mentioned that the video equipment in the Pane Room will be replaced.

VALE Digital Media Committee & Media Services (Jane Sloan)

Jane Sloan attended their April 19, 2013 meeting, and reported that Tom Nemeth (William Patterson University) will be the new chair, with Jane Hutchison as co-chair. See attached meeting minutes for details.

Licensing template update

Tabled for next meeting.

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