Minutes for August 6, 2013 Meeting

Isaiah Beard, Kayo Denda, Jane Otto (chair, recorder), Megan Ruszala, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz
Matt Gallagher, Tibor Purger, Mary Beth Weber

The September meeting will be rescheduled; J. Otto will send out a doodle poll.

J. Sloan reported on developments within LRC to 1) consider a Swank leasing program for streaming video and 2) increase selector involvement in media acquisition. There was discussion of new membership on the Committee, including a Camden representative to succeed former member Vibiana Cvetkovic.

G. Smulewitz reported that J. Pilch and she met to discuss the licensing template. J. Pilch agreed to work with those who order media material and those who have worked on the template. The intent is to review licensing issues and heighten awareness if needed of potential anomalies/problems. The anticipated result will be that the staff will be well versed in these issues and will consult with J. Pilch as needed.

There was a brief discussion of methods and required resources for video captioning for accessibility purposes.

J. Sloan introduced the new NJVid Video Browser tool available for those creating courses in Sakai. (The tool is only available to course creators, but NJVid help screens provide information about its functionalities.) The tool is available from within Sakai, authenticates users for NJVid, provides customized menu options for Rutgers collections, and allows easy streaming of Rutgers-licensed NJVid titles through Sakai. Currently there are 191 videos in NJVid licensed to Rutgers, the bulk of them commercial videos. NJVid lists three subcollections for Rutgers: Learning on Demand (2 titles), the Denda Insect Flight Collection (7 titles), and the new SDM (Dentistry?) Collection (3 titles). NJVid has offered to define new Rutgers subcollections at the Libraries' request. At this point, the collection size may not warrant commercial subcollections, but adding "Commercial" to the subcollection menu options would make for a better display.

NJVid has promised to change the default collection for Rutgers users to the Rutgers collections. It was noted it would be very helpful to provide this same functionality for RUcore titles. This should be possible once RUcore (i.e. Fedora) and the Wowza server are fully integrated (scheduled for calendar year end).

The NJVid tool will be added to the agenda for the special educational session for selectors which the Media Team is planning for October. The date of the session needs to be nailed down.

J. Sloan reported on the Swank discussion that took place at the July 18 Library Resources Council (LRC) meeting. Currently we lack the funds and a process that would be necessary to get Swank in place for the fall. J. Sloan reviewed the pricing structure and it was agreed that relative to the total acquisitions budget, the cost is low. Given new budget officers at both UMD and RUL, and anticipated savings from the merger, this should be doable. The Media Team will appoint a group to work with Barry Lipinski to devise a process and implementation for Access Services that would support the Swank contract. The Team discussed candidates and charge for the working group. J. Otto will contact K. Mulcahy to propose a charge and working group to move this forward.

J. Otto and M. Gallagher met (August 5) with OIRT staff about incorporating OIRT-produced videos (about 12 per year) into the workflow for processing videorecorded conference proceedings for RUcore. RUcore would be offered to OIRT users as an additional or alternate mode of dissemination (and preservation) for their proceedings, and all accepted videorecordings would be accompanied by permission forms obtained by OIRT from University Counsel.

J. Otto and J. Sloan discussed the acquisition and organization of a gift collection of 2,000 laserdiscs.

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