Minutes for February 4, 2014 Meeting

Kayo Denda, Matt Gallagher (recorder), Jane Otto (chair), Megan Ruszala, Gracemary Smulewitz, Mary Beth Weber
Isaiah Beard, Tibor Purger, Jane Sloan

No technical update was provided due to Tibor's absence.

There was a brief status update on the upcoming educational session targeted at RUL liaisons and open to all RUL faculty/staff. There will be two planned sessions covering commercial media and RUcore, respectively. These sessions will discuss the media options are available to liaisons, the media marketplace, workflow processes, expectations, timelines, deliverables, etc. The last session will be based on the input and questions emanating from the first two sessions. Jane O. emailed Tom I. to coordinate dates and inquire about providing lunch. Jane S. will follow up and secure dates for these sessions so they can be announced via rul_everyone.

Gracemary talked about what she has learned from the VALE Digital Media Committee. To date, she has attended two sessions, the first of which was an introduction with a minor agenda followed by a more in-depth session on expanding its list of vendors, a new website design with more dynamic search functions, and additional shortcuts embedded into NJVid's media player. While informative, there was expressed concern about the lack of discussion on more substantive issues, such as licensing and arranging more cost effective group purchases. Gracemary shared her experience on the VALE E-Resources Committee as a comparison. Their 'charge' remains somewhat unclear and Gracemary will follow up with the Media Team after the Media Committee's next meeting.

An interesting tangent came up that led to some off-the-cuff discussion about film preservation, its status at RUL, ongoing CIC developments, and how peer institutions are approaching it. It's a topic worth further pursuit that may appear on a later agenda after some more concrete details are obtained.

Jane S. and Barry L. presented the Swank proposal in January. It was recommended that the library fund the purchase of 100 titles for classroom use in the Spring 2014 semester, which amounted to approximately $6,000. Most agreed that it was a good idea and should be advanced after the moratorium on spending ends. Jane O. also sent an email to Kevin M. that laid out larger administrative efforts to become more efficient by sharing costs. As such, the status of Swank is currently on hold until Tom I. and Janice P. meet with Rich Novak to discuss co-funding and partnership across other departments. A date and timeline for a decision is currently unknown.

As part of the process of informing selectors about media purchases, there was discussion on consolidating order information within the collection development page of the staff resources section on the library's website. Jane O. emailed Tom I. for approval. In the meantime, she will draft a more concrete outline of the desired appearance/information for the Media Team's review. These changes may necessitate the removal/consolidation of other order forms. As such, Jane O. will also write to the faculty/staff that use these forms, such as the serials team, etc.

Jane and Matt provided a brief summary on the status of events being captured and cataloged in RUcore. After recent discussions with LRC and USC, there seems to be unanimous approval for what is currently being offered; that is, a service that records and preserves RUL- sponsored events taking place in the Pane Room and TLH. There seemed to be an interest in potentially incorporating other library spaces, such as rooms in Newark or Camden. There was little to no interest expanding the scope of this service beyond the above parameters at this point in time.

To close, we were asked to review the original charge of the Media Team and consider what has been accomplished to date, what remains pending, and what we should be advancing. Once opinions are laid on the table, membership additions and substitutions can be assessed.

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