Minutes for March 26, 2014 Meeting

Isaiah Beard, Kayo Denda, Matt Gallagher, Jane Otto (chair, recorder), Jonathan Sauceda, Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Mary Beth Weber
M. Ruszala, Tibor Purger


J. Sloan will post the Swank report to Sakai and notify the team. The VALE Digital Media and E-Resource Committees have not met since the Media Team's last meeting, but will meet April 11. There was brief discussion of Don Smith's email stating that NJVID has its sea legs.

Educational sessions

Various dates were discussed, in terms of USC meetings and conflicts with other SAPAC events. Given the current budget situation, the information will not be immediately usable, and the session should be moved to the fall.

The centralized acquisitions and conference proceedings web pages should go up before the presentation. Workflows should also be posted, possibly in a LibGuide.

The group went through the draft presentation and made revisions. J. will put together a glossary handout. There needs to be a discussion with T. Izbicki about putting a limit on REMX funds (currently the only fund without a limit), as well as a discussion of a new funding concept for media.

The presentations should be contextualized as part of a plan to 1) mainstream video orders, and 2) discuss the new possibilities for dissemination of the Media Librarian's funds (i.e. a New Brunswick, vs. a central, fund).

Work plan and charge

The Media Team charge needs to be revisited, and membership changes addressed. The Team has accomplished its objectives on streaming video technical and licensing issues, and is limited in how it can address other issues. After the educational session, the Team might consider meeting on an as-needed basis, and look at other adjustments that need to be made. The presentations will give the Team a better understanding of needs, and allow it to better formulate next steps. This is an assessment phase.

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