Minutes for July 1, 2014 Meeting

Jane Otto (chair), Kayo Denda, Isaiah Beard, Matt Gallagher, Jan Reinhart, Gracemary Smulewicz, Jon Sauceda, Jane Sloan (recorder)
M.B. Weber

Jane O. announced that Tibor will continue to be a member of the media team, but attend only when the agenda indicates his expertise is needed. It was noted that Wowza integration will be included in RUcore Release 7.4, and that live conferences are being handled via the Wowza server.

Regarding membership in general Jane indicated the meetings are open, and she will respond to one person who had asked to be appointed last year. Otherwise, we await the vetting of our report to the AULs, including the issue of appointments to the team, and the planned session for liaisons in the Fall. Jane will contact Grace A. and Tom I. again about appointments. [The Media Offerings Special Session has been since set for 12:00pm-2:00pm, October 16, 2014 in the Pane Room, Alexander Library]

June 3 minutes were approved.

Jane S. provided status report on the Swank initiative and its funding by Tom I. for the coming fiscal year. These are streaming titles leased from Swank's site for 6 months at a time. While Swank offers the option of placing records in our catalog, the group decided this was too much work for the short period of availability. Jane will put together a group to vet a process for proceeding with the services, including Gracemary, and DTS-TAS may or may not be involved, depending on the details. Abbey has indicated she will support a deposit account for this purpose. A Libguide will describe the service and list available titles.

Jane S. presented the concept of two Media Center DVD item types : one for faculty/reserve and one for a circulating collection. This is in support of the recent decision to circulate DVDs to undergraduates. The purpose of these different Item types, both in the same staff only sub-location, is to distinguish items requested for use in the classroom from the majority of the DVDs, which can be freely circulated. The Item types will be described thus:

  1. Reference/Reserve - maintains a Media Desk for booking, with circ profile for faculty and grads. Presently all DVDs are in this category. A list of circulated and/or expensive items will determine the titles that will retain this Item Type
  2. Circulating - Media Desk connection will be removed from these, and a new circ profile will be created allowing a longer (7 days or more) circ period, include the hold and deliver option, giving them a profile similar to books. A circulating item that is requested for booking will be reassigned the Reference/Reserve Item type.

Matt reported back the results of the OPAC media searching group. Most peers have faceted searching that displays format that allays the need for a separate search box. It is expected that VuFind will place us in this group. In the meantime, Matt recommended that we email the Search Discovery team and recommend there be one tab for "books and media". [This was accomplished the day after the meeting.]

Jane O. presented on SOAR, Scholarly Open Access at Rutgers, the new RUcore website and portal currently being developed in support of the Rutgers Open Access policy, which will go into effect September 1, 2015. The Media Team was asked for input on the placement of departmentally-sponsored video resources currently found in the Faculty/Departmental collection portal. (SOAR, which replaces that portal, will include scholarly articles authored by faculty, grad students, and postdocs, but will not include departmentally "authored" or sponsored works such as video recordings of Rutgers events.) Options discussed were 1) highlight them as an RUcore home page feature, similar to Digital Exhibitions; 2) make them available through the Digital Collections portal; 3) make them available only through the main ('All RUcore Collections') portal; or 4) maintain the status quo, i.e., splitting videos between portals based on where the collection happens to fall in the Fedora collection trees. The Media Team discussed the issues but did not reach clear consensus. Note that faculty will continue to author scholarship in the video medium, and those videos are considered appropriate for the SOAR portal. An example is the insect flight video collection produced by Mitsunori Denda of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department.

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