Minutes for July 1, 2014 Meeting

K. Denda, M. Gallagher, J. Otto, J. Sloan, J. Sauceda, G. Smulewitz, M.B. Weber (recorder)

G. Smulewitz will record the minutes for the next meeting.

1. NJVid Subcollections

The NJVid subcollections available to RUL via the NJVid website includes learning on demand (LOD) (4 videos), the Mitsunori Denda Insect Flight Collection (7 videos), SDM (64 videos), and SHRP (48 videos). The meaning of labels used for the SDM videos isn't clear.

J. Sloan had asked NJVID (1) to bring out the commercial videos more prominently, and (2) to make labels more comprehensible. [A subsequent look at the site revealed that the commercial collection of 408 videos is not a sub-collection, but the main Rutgers collection.] The Team will be looking at the organization of the site at the next meeting.

2. Future of the Media Team-J. Sloan

J. Sloan provided an update from the recent USC meeting. The Media Team has been one of USC's goals from the start and is included under the goal "Facilitating, discovery…." Implementation of the WOWZA server and other Media Team contributions are listed under a completed goal.

Liaison sessions will describe the status of the Media Team's activities. Once completed, G. Agnew and M. Just will determine another charge for a new team. They will reconstitute and recharge the committee, which will have a new composition and appointments. The team is now under the focus of "develop new liaison relationships". The team is generally about User Services (access, discovery, collection development).

The current group will be officially disbanded after the October meeting. This was discussed at LRC.

Smulewitz: It would be helpful if the councils would meet with us to discuss our progress and RUL's future needs. It is critical for them to hear our feedback and for us to get their input.

The October program will be educational, and is designed to move selectors into a role to acquire media.

3. Review of October Media Session

Smulewitz: We need stronger involvement from liaisons on the business end of this process. This was discussed at the Collection Analysis Task Force. Budget information and data are necessary for selectors to make good decisions. We also need to buy differently; there is a need to understand new and complex purchasing decisions and processes.

Denda: Questioned the allocation for the Swank subscription. A rationale is needed to justify this funding given the current budget situation. This should be discussed at the October session. This is an example of a broad patron driven plan. It is a leasing service, and not a purchase.

Sessions with selectors should be ongoing, and not just in times of crisis. We need to be fully informed. Education and broad perspectives need to be put on the table, and silos must be eliminated. The Media Team itself is a silo and we need to instead work as a community.

The October session will take place on October 16 at noon. There is just one session planned at this time. The session won't be recorded since the selectors may need additional attention and time.

Populating RUcore should be part of the selector responsibilities covered at the session. Collection development is broader than just acquiring commercial resources. This hasn't been conveyed to the selectors. The question was raised whether there is adequate staffing to carry out this work. The workflow has been in place and liaisons are not aware of the process or workflow.

We need to be proactive and inform people. The best way to convey this information must be determined. We will first need to go to USC, LRC, and then Cabinet. Specific invites will include Abbey Baker, DTS, CTS (Acquisitions Section), Matt Gallagher, campus coordinators (Kevin Mulcahy, Julie Still, Ann Watkins), the Collection Analysis Team, and discipline teams. Specific invitations will be extended, followed by a message to rul_everyone.

Information will need to be posted to the Acquisitions web page before the October session. M.B. Weber and G. Smulewitz will work with IIS before October 16 to create a central page providing guidance for requesting orders for all types of materials, including fact sheets, as outlined in emails to T. Izbicki and G. Agnew, to the Acquisitions portion of CTS' website.

5. Outstanding Action Items

J. Otto and M. Gallagher will compile information on the media workflow and will make it available.

M. Gallagher raised the issue of limits for items purchased using REMX and asked who monitors the fund. M.B. Weber reported that M. Ruszala recently ran a report on reserve purchases that she'll share with the group. Additionally, the issue of REMX will be referred to the Acquisitions Working Group with a request for a mechanism to review reserve orders.

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