Minutes of November 20, 2008 Meeting

Françoise Puniello (Chair), Andy Martinez, Connie Wu, Laura Mullen, Rebecca Gardner, Jackie Mardikian, Anne Butman and Bill Puglisi (recorded minutes).
Valeda Dent, Marty Kesselman


Opening Discussion

The minutes from the September 4, 2008 meeting were approved. Françoise shared a draft of a sample outline and stated that the committee should prepare a 10-page document explaining our vision for a new science library. It was noted that while the final draft may change, something was needed now for presentation.

The discussion continued with many ideas being offered. The suggestion of partnering with the Writing Program was raised. Also having an Information Commons with tutors and writers available to assist students. The library should be presented as a cultural center for the State of New Jersey and not just for Busch Campus. On the draft outline under the heading of "Transformed Facilities" it was recommended to add the collapsing/combining of the collections. Under the heading of "Impact of the New Science Library" on the second item the committee agreed that the wording should change to "Impact on Education/Research and Science." It was also recommended that under "Library as Cultural Center and Builder for the Busch Campus Community" a section be added to address the specific needs of graduate students. Other suggestions were to combine a café with a bookstore (ala Barnes & Noble), offering a casual interaction location (possibly in a combined indoor/outdoor setting) and having decorative water fountains and greenery on the grounds outside the building.

The technical aspects of the library should be designed along the lines of the SCC at Alexander, providing a Lecture Hall and Information Handling Labs. When planning the computer labs, thought must be given to the needs of the user. Group Study rooms may need certain technical capabilities such as projection within the room. The need for adequate parking must be addressed as well. Françoise also pointed out that this concept document should be written with non-university people in mind. It should be stressed that this new facility will attract the best and brightest students and will be enticing to visiting scholars, foreign students and parents touring the university with their college-age children.

The committee members will write the various sections of the concept document as follows:

Introduction / Campus Environment - Connie

Project Overview (Green Bldg. / ADA) & Executive Summary - Françoise

Transformed Facilities / Integration of science resources into one facility - Jackie
Transformed Facilities / Seminar rooms / Conference Center-Auditorium / Info Handling Labs - Anne
Transformed Facilities / Escience Center - Laura
Transformed Facilities / Information Commons / Multi-media - Marty
Transformed Facilities / Specialized research assistance & collections - Marty
Transformed Facilities / Study spaces (quiet and group) / Lounge areas - Andy

Impact of the New Science Library / Impact on the university community & beyond - Rebecca

The trip to visit the Lewis Library on the Princeton campus was set for December1 @ 9:30 AM

Next meeting

Thursday, January 22, 2009 @ 2:00 PM (December 18 meeting canceled)
LSM - Special Collections Room

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