Minutes of May 4, 2004 Meeting (Revised)

Ian Bogus, Tim Corlis, Erika Gorder, Tom Glynn (recorder), Ron Jantz, Bob Nahory, Jim Nettleman, Bob Sewell (chair), Darryl Vorhees.

The committee reviewed and discussed four earlier reports on preservation; "Reinvestment in Knowledge: Preservation of Library Materials in the Rutgers University Libraries," by the Preservation Planning Task Force; "Developing an Effective Preservation Program at Rutgers University Libraries: A Consulting Report," by Paul Conway; and "Assessment of Media and Film Collections - Rutgers University Libraries" by Mona Jimenez and Rebecca Bachman, and "Archival Audio and Moving Image Material at RUL: Proposal for Preservation and Access," by Erica Gorder, which is a response to the Jimenez and Backman report.

We summarized some of the more important steps RUL has taken towards developing an effective preservation program. These include, aside from the constitution of this standing committee: setting up book repair stations in Alexander and LSM; signing a system-wide contract for binding; constituting the Digital Architecture Working Group (DAWG); establishing criteria for digital projects; and using the REALITI project to gain experience in digitizing rare and fragile materials; and beginning to address urgent needs for media preservation. We have yet to recruit a preservation coordinator, which was a major recommendation of both Paul Conways report and the Preservation Planning Task Force. This has been delayed for two reasons: no available line to recruit on and the need develop a more defined preservation program with designated resources.

To focus the efforts of the committee, the chair appointed three working groups corresponding to the format of the material to be preserved. Ian, Jim and Tim will serve on the paper preservation working group. Ian, Darryl, Ron, and Tom will serve on the digital preservation working group. Their charge includes the digitization of paper resources, as well as the preservation of material in digital form. Erika and Bob Nahory will serve on the audio and audio/visual media working group. People outside of the committee member may be asked to serve. The committee will also establish detailed specifications for a new storage facility and create a Preservation webpage to use for fund raising and disseminating information about preservation.

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