Minutes of June 26, 2009 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Tom Frusciano, Judy Gardner, Nancy Kranich, Linda Langschied, Cathy Peccaro, Connie Wu

Discussion Topics:

  1. Overview of Privacy-Nancy Kranich presented an overview of privacy. Posted under the Resources section of this Wiki are her Power Point slides with links to resources like the American Library Association Privacy Toolkit.
  1. Issues of Concern-Participants discussed a number of issues of concern relative privacy and RUL programs and services. The Records Retention Schedule sent to Task Force members outlines many categories of service/data collection and retention that need further exploration. Other topics that were raised included:
    • Single sign on
    • Statistics
    • Spider Trapping
    • Security Abuse
    • Mobile users
    • Expectation of privacy
    • Public access to theses and dissertations
    • Data collection/retention by special collections
    • Code of Conduct and privacy issues
  1. Review of Draft Privacy Policy-Nancy Kranich explained the elements of a privacy policy and discussed the draft document prepared for Task Force review.

Next Steps:

  1. Task Force members will review the draft Privacy Policy.
    1. What works?
    2. Problems?
    3. What's missing?
  1. TF Members will consider RUL practices
    1. Review policies and practices in their areas prior to the next meeting.
    2. Conduct literature searches to learn more about related privacy theories and practices for each member's areas.
    3. Meet in late August to begin revising policy and reviewing practices.
      1. Nancy will canvas the group to find best meeting times for the fall.
  1. Sharing findings with RUL faculty and staff
    1. Determine whether agendas/minutes need e-mail distribution.
    2. Set up Sakai site (Jeanne has set up the site).
    To log in:
    1. Open sakai.rutgers.edu: https://sakai.rutgers.edu/portal
    2. Click the Login button.
    3. Type your username and password, and click Login.
    4. Go to the site, click on the site tab. (You will see two or more tabs in a row across the upper part of the screen.)
    1. Post documents and links on the Sakai site.
    2. Set up group email list address: rul_privacy@sakai.rutgers.edu.
    3. Provide a tutorial on privacy to the whole RUL staff similar to the one provided by Nancy Kranich.

Prepared and distributed by Nancy Kranich, 7/2/09

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/privacy_tf/minutes/privacy_tf_09_06_26.shtml
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