Minutes - September 7, 2005

Vib Bowman; Tom Frusciano; Ron Jantz; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Bob Sewell, chair; Ryan Womack
Jeanne Boyle, Sam McDonald, Ed Berger

1. The Committee reviewed the “Digital Collection Project List” and discussed whether or not all of the projects on the list would be included in the Repository. The Repository will include both publicly accessible content or content that is stored or archived to be preserved only. Some of the projects on the list may be preserved as web sites but will not be publicly accessible from the Repository. They will, however, continue to have their own web presence.

2. Guidelines need to be established to determine what will be preserved and at what frequency. It was proposed that for web pages not archived, the collection manager for the site be responsible for software upgrades and migration. Routine backups are done for all web pages.

3. The "Digital Collection Project List" includes "The Poultryman" as "Project Pending." Ron Becker declined a grant to digitize the newspapers because the granting agency (New Jersey State Library) required article-level metadata even though the entire text would be searchable by key word. With over 35,000 articles in the newspaper, the effort was not worth it.

4. At a previous meeting 5 categories of digital projects were identified:

It should be possible to place each project into one of the following three categories: archive only, archive and publicly accessible, maintain without archive.

Ron will review the list of projects on the SCC page and propose treatment for all of the existing projects.

5. Because of the Repository development and the number of ongoing projects, there is currently a moratorium on initiating new digital projects. However, the committee received and briefly reviewed a new proposal for the Women's Studies vertical file material at the Douglass Library. The committee could not recommend the project and suggested the following additional factors be reviewed: Uniqueness and completeness of the content, need for professional scanning to established standards, adherence to Repository metadata standards, use of the WMS, inclusion of a statement of ownership and long-term responsibility for management.

6. Several changes and additions were proposed for the Digital Collection Project Proposal Application:

a. In Part III, Technical Support, add a link to the imaging standards for single pages and books.

b. Post the Excel file that includes the metadata fields.

c. Add the following statement "Are you prepared to use the established metadata standards for this proposal?" Include a link to the metadata form.

d. In Part C, Impact and Dissemination, remove question 5.

e. Leave the form online but indicate "Currently new proposals are not being considered."

7. Library digital projects can be created on individual user accounts (e.g., rci, andromeda, or crab) but no support for their creation can be expected nor will they be part of the Repository.

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