Digitial Collection Project List

Revised August 2005; December 2005

In order to determine what new digital projects can be undertaken, we need to determine what current digital projects are under way.

Existing, ongoing SCC projects fall into four categories:

Grandfathered Projects

These are major projects that were started before the DRRC existed and which continue to take significant resources or may take significant resources in the future. There are also many other projects (too many to enumerate here) that require some support based on requests from the project owner.

  1. Alcohol Studies Database (thesaurus development funded), Contact - Ron Jantz (http://www.scc.rutgers.edu/alcohol_studies/alcohol/)
  2. Eagleton Poll Archive (funded by Eagleton), Contact - Ron Jantz (http://www.scc.rutgers.edu/eagleton/)
  3. Electronic Journal Platform (funding model to be developed), Contact - Ron Jantz
  4. New Jersey Environmental Digital Library (funded by NJDEP), Contact - Linda Langschied (http://njedl.rutgers.edu/njdlib/)
  5. New Jersey Digital Highway (IMLS grant funded), Contact - Linda Langschied (http://www.njdigitalhighway.org/)
  6. RU Press O.P. Books about New Jersey (part of NJDH), Contact - Ron Jantz
  7. Moving Image Collections (NSF grant funded), Contact - Grace Agnew (http://mic.imtc.gatech.edu/)
  8. Institute of Jazz Studies Oral History Project (grant funded), Contact - Vincent Pelote
  9. Digital Theses and Dissertation, Contact - Ann Montanaro
  10. Twentieth Century Latin Pamphlets project - Contact - Lourdes Vazquez and Fernanda Perrone
  11. WAAND - Women Artists Archive National Directory, Getty Foundation Grant, Contact - Ferris Olin
  12. Jazz Greats - Contact - Bob Nahory
  13. Institute of Jazz Studies Photo Collection, Contact - Tad Hershorn

Projects Approved by the DRRC

  1. Motion Picture Catalogs by American Producers and Distributors, Contact/PI - Rhonda Marker

Projects Pending

This category includes projects that are being discussed or have had some preliminary work is very useful as a means of communicating to the DRRC and RUL what projects might be submitted in the future.

  1. Media reformatting and digital preservation (potential NIH grant)
  2. New Jersey Digital Highway: Developing some new services and significant collection building around the state

Existing Projects That Need Occasional Updating

This category refers many projects that were developed some time ago and are housed on a SCC server. For long periods they are static but occasionally need updating. A major project for DRRC will be to establish criteria for determining which of these will receive continuing support and which will be terminated. Support will only be provided for projects that will be housed in the digital repository. Projects that are discontinued can be FTPed to the RCI accounts of individual librarians. When the projects move from the category of static to active (updating is needed), they will be reviewed to see if they are worthwhile and should continue support by RUL.

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