Minutes of January 27, 2000 Meeting

S. Beck, N. Borisovets, J. Boyle, J. Cassel, T. Frusciano, J. Gardner, A. Montanaro, H. Hemmasi, R. Sewell, J. Sloan, M. Wilson, M. Li (recorder)
  1. AUL Update

    A total of five sessions of Web of Science training workshops will soon be available on Camden, New Brunswick and Newark campuses on Feb. 14,16 and 17. Similar training involving other electronic Resource vendors can follow later. Besides training library staff internally, outreach efforts to promote Workshop to other academic users are being planned on.

    On March 23, 2000 AM, there will be a symposium on copyrights. The 17-members Steering Committee currently being chaired by M. Gaunt will explore copy-right related issues specific to Rutgers University, such as faculty rights, scholarly publication in digital environment .

    The university regulations on Rutgers University libraries governing library services, policy and mission statements need to be re-visited and updated.

  2. IRIS update

    1. Montanaro reported on the delay problems caused by the recent IRIS software upgrade. Indexing has taken more time than originally expected. Two problems remain to be corrected. Some catalog records have not been smartported accurately and missing vendor information on serial records. Although workflow for cataloging have not been affected, priority item processing are admittedly delayed. H. Hemmasi reported on less than ideal access to IDEAL titles due to software upgrade. Both S. Beck and N. Borisovets recommended posting visible sign at the front doors of library to alert users, besides merely frequent Web-page publicity. . Other suggestions were a letter to faculty before planned downtime, use of campus listsersv, loading the patron file into the test catalog so PINs could be issued, and switching to paper forms for RRS after 48 hourss. The general agreement reached is that Library has to have an emergency plan in place to deal with the unanticipated downtimes. There are technical side and policy side that an emergency plan needs to tackle with. Jeanne will explore this matter in depth.

  3. Interlibrary loan proposal

    J. Gardner presented the proposal for discussion . N. Borisovets recommended inclusion of dissertations in the proposal. To be excluded will be undergraduates' requests for textbooks. The proposed plan is to rush Order close to $8,000 worth of current monographic imprints in a trial run which begins March 2000. These are titles which have been requested for interlibrary loan. In response to the suggestion that Acquisitions use amazon.com for the purchase of these items, J. Sloan indicated that the department uses powells.com to order new books quickly. After the March trial run, B. Sewell will be consulted as to how such future purchases will impact the existing collection development policy.

  4. Encyclopedia Britannica Online

    S. Beck presented price comparison between the paid EB on line and the free EB. The current paid subscription of $14,000 did not present significant advantage over the free version. The recommendation is to switch to free version by seeking immediate refund from the vendor. Following the same line of logic, GERT will look into Other CD ROM subscriptions, such as Books in Print, Literary Resources, OED , if their on line counterpart can be made accessible feasibly through VALE. The recommendation is to have a Staff Web prototype ready in April so that library staff members can be made more aware of on line electronic resources and their effectiveness.

  5. Finding aids discussion

    T. Frusciano and H. Hemmasi presented cook book collection , the WWII poster collection, sheet music and product catalogs as appropriate candidates for finding aids as alternative solution for un-cataloged materials. In order to develop a policy , selectors need to be introduced of this technique as a viable choice to traditional cataloging on item level. As selectors gain familiarity with finding aids and collection-level description, more uncataloged materials may be proposed as potential candidates for Technical Services to handle as projects. One strategy for managin this would be to publish a recommended list of candidate collections and invite librarians who express interest to an information session that demonstrates what is involved.

  6. Other business

    M Chung reported on the New Brunswick Libraries wide integrated information services model program which includes limited exchange of librarians to work at reference desks at other units and centralized telephone reference service. New Brunswick librarians are also in the process of developing Internet-based reference service training series. H. Hemmasi reported on the release of Deja-vu. It will be soon be available on all public service machines. Congratulations to the User-initiated Document Delivery Task Force whose report is just completed and will soon reach J. Boyle.

    Due to shortage of time, public service council work plan is tabled for discussion at next meeting.

    J. Boyle noted that agenda topics for the next meeting are content creation for the web pages, planning for the March full-day meeting, and review of a recon document

The meeting is adjourned at 12:00. Next meeting is scheduled on February 24, 2000.

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