Minutes of February 24, 2000 Meeting

Susan Beck, Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle, Tom Frusciano (recorder), Harriet Hemmasi, Marjorie Li, Ann Montanaro, Robert Sewell, Myoung Wilson

AUL Update

Training for CIS Statistical Universe has been scheduled for Dana Library, March 21, 9:00 a.m. to 10:30; Alexander Library, March 21, 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m; and Robeson Library, March 22, 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Jeanne Boyle is working with Mary Fetzer to work out the details of the sessions.

A recent flurry of questions on "ask-a-librarian" regarding remote access and proxy server to RUL has prompted a reminder to eliminate instructions relating to 8080 server.

Recent RLIN net lending/borrowing statistics indicate that RUL has expended $76,811, the highest among RLG institutions. The group was reminded that the SHARS program was selected as the primary lending/borrowing mechanism for ILL activity for RUL.

Judy Gardner's proposal regarding purchase of current monographs on demand has circulated throughout the other councils and has been implemented this week.

Jeanne Boyle distributed the Report of User-Initiated Document Delivery Task Force (Veronica Calderhead, Judy Gardner, Jim Nettleman, Myoung Chung Wilson). Following extensive study of RUL service criteria, the Task Force determined that UnCover is the most practical and viable document delivery supplier and recommends that RUL purchase an UnCover Customized Gateway and customize it to fit specific library requirements.

The Public Service Council's "Recommendation Log, AY 2000," and the RUL Friends' Calendar were distributed for discussion.

Recon Update

Harriet Hemmasi distributed "Recon at Rutgers University Libraries," as the basis for a lengthy and fruitful discussion concerning retrospective conversion priorities with RUL and the role of TAS and fund raising requirements to meet our goals and objectives. "Recon at RUL" includes interesting cost comparisons of various vendors for categories of recon activity (non-matches and cost for adds). Any future plan of action is contingent upon the availability of funds.

Indexes on Web Pages

Jeanne Boyle led a discussion concerning the placing of certain Rutgers-created Digital Library Projects in the Indexes page of the RUL website and the cataloging of other sites. Jeanne reported on the work of WAC for revisions to the existing Indexes page. WAC has determined that HT://Dig is the most appropriate search engine for the RUL website. This open-source search engine was developed at San Diego State University.

Council agreed that Rutgers-created indexes that are institutional efforts, as opposed to individual faculty projects, should be placed on the Indexes page. Currently, these include: Alcohol Studies Database, CRESP, Eagleton Public Opinion Polls, Medieval Early Modern Data Bank, and New Jersey Environmental Research Record.

The group then turned to a lengthy discussion on the RUL website, in particular the Research and Reference Gateway and the need to find appropriate faculty and staff to update existing subject pages and develop new content pages. Issues discussed included webpage development and intellectual property.

Documentation for Networked Electronic Resources

Jeanne distributed a document containing revisions to instructions for making additions to RUL Web pages regarding the acquisition of new electronic resources. WAC responsibilities were outlined in carrying out these responsibilities. Questions were raised concerning description of various sources and the need for documentation. Must determine whether source should be linked to the vendors description or whether the selector should write the description. This problem has delayed mounting of newly acquired resources. Jeanne urged that RUL selectors assist when requested to do so.

Work Plan Review

The council centered its initial discussion on Activity #3: Work with Rutgers faculty, design instructional programs for students that incorporation information literacy to advance undergraduate learning goal. The Instructional Service Committee held a meeting with representatives of the Douglass College "Shaping A Life" program to discuss information literacy programs for this required program. Richard Novak of Continuous Education has offered the assistance of a design team to help RUL develop sessions (modules) for undergraduate students. He is willing to pay for release time to develop these modules (e.g. e-college online courses). The question was raised on how do we move along to embark on these activities?

In Activity #4: Develop programs in collaboration with TEC, RUCS, OTR, and other relevant groups for faculty use of instructional technology and multi-media services the group discussed the central question of central development for use of all instructors or to rely on individual preferences and delivery.

Plan for March Meeting

Agenda Items identified for the March 30 meeting of the Council were:

The meeting adjourned at 12:00. Next meeting to be held at Dana Library, Newark campus on March 30, 2000.

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