Minutes of June 22, 2000 Meeting

Susan Beck, (recorder) Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle, Judy Gardner, Tom Frusciano, Judy Gardner, Harriette Hemmasi, Myoung Chung Wilson

AUL Update (JB unless otherwise noted)

MARC Holdings (HH)

MIG and JB met with Ray Caprio regarding Off Campus Instruction and Distance Education. RULS needs to develop a formal proposal for additional resources to support these programs.

NBL Centralized Telephone Service (MW)

Discussed the implications of the New Brunswick Libraries Centralized Telephone Information Services Final Report. This service will be available soon, although the new telephone number will not be published yet so the impact of the service may be minimal until advertising and new telephone directories become available.

Some members of the Council strongly urged that telephone numbers be available for librarians to be able to reach a person at the Reference desk.

IRIS Contingency Plan - JG

This well designed plan outlines procedures for access services staff to implement when IRIS goes down under three scenarios: Short, Unplanned Down Time of Less than 24 hours, Short, Unplanned Downtime Greater than 24 hours, of unknown duration, and Extended, Planned, with an Announced Ending Time, A Static, search only version of IRIS will be available.

Public Services Council directed Judy to develop a book delivery system among campuses when IRIS is down for any extended period.

Public Service Policy Memo 4 was discussed.

Public Services Council charged Judy and Jeanne to coordinate their notes for any additions. Conceptually the policy was approved pending corrections.

User Statistics for Database Use were distributed for 1999-2000 by HH.

We adjourned at 12:10 PM

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