Minutes of August 31, 2000 Meeting

Susan Beck, Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle (chair), Jerris Cassel, Tom Frusciano, Judy Gardner, Harriette Hemmasi, Robert Sewell (recorder), Mary Beth Weber, Myoung Wilson

AUL Report

PSPM # 4 – Resource Sharing is on the web and was reviewed. Natalie said it read like procedures rather than policy and suggested minor rewording.

Jerris presented document: “Toward and Information Literacy Program at RU,” prepared by the Information Services Committee. It reported on ACRL standards and listed what RUL is currently doing in this area. It was pointed out that the list was incomplete. Question arose about the relationship between the TEC and RUL. Needs to be more forward looking: what should we be doing at RUL; how to work more closely with teaching faculty; how do we market what RUL is doing better.

Ovid links (including telnet access, old/new files, etc). Telnet Access: decided to remove except for selected databases; create separate page for telnet only databases Decided to retain all out-dated Wilson databases form Ovid, even though they are out date because they are still valuable and get rid of all locally loaded backfiles of Ovid databases that we now get directly from Ovid server. Will look into purchase of Wilson databases this year.

Electronic resources update:

JEB mentioned resources available on Public Services Page: RU logo, Fonts, RUL library specific logos.

Reference Statistics:
Ask-a-librarian activities nearly doubled since ??
ILL down 36%
Deck Reference down 32.8%

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